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Fearless Garden Flood Table 2 X 4
Fearless Garden Flood Table 2 X 4

The Fearless Garden is a complete unit combining both a sealed reservoir below and the tray above that use a low pressure air pump to flood and drain. Dimensions are 22"x45" and the maximum litre/gallon capacity is 40 Litres/10 gallons. SUPERNATURAL TERRAPONICS is the latest and most advanced method in indoor gardening available today. This simple growing method will easily produce much higher yields, larger flowers and way more flowers than any of the other growing methods practiced. This includes: Soiless Mix, Flood and Drain, Aeroponics, Nutrient Flow Technique, Continuous Drip and Sub Aeration. There is really nothing that can compare!. For indoor gardening more and more people are finding out that any other method is wasting their time. By providing the plant with the same conditions found in nature and mimicking a plant's natural habitat, you are able to give the plant a huge boost. Supernatural Terraponics combines the best of Hydroponics and Organics for unmatched performance. BEST CROP YOUšll EVER GROW GUARANTEE!!! The Grow Pot provides an added air space at the root tips which increases cat ion exchange, allowing the plant to rapidly assimilate more nutrients and gases. Allows 1000 times more gas exchange at the root tips.Typically, plants struggle when grown in containers with peat moss mixture for several reasons. It is too acidic It's moisture and air holding capabilities fluctuate and are not consistent. pH fluctuation and the struggle for moisture content between the root tips and the growing medium can stress the plant and starve it of nutrients by making certain minerals and metals unavailable and from varying the osmotic pressure and inhibiting the transpiration process of the plant due to fluctuating salt content at the root zone. .


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