17 great deals on gardening tools, grow kits and office gardens just in time for spring

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The days are getting longer, the trees are starting to bloom, and the chill in the air is starting to go away. Spring is almost here. Celebrate by coming into contact with nature with the help of these on sale gardening tools and kits. You can save up to 60% and create your own garden, even if it is on a windowsill. Ready, ready, grow.

Office gardens

If you’re new to gardening, don’t have any outdoor space, or don’t want to lug around potting soil and shovels, the AquaSprouts Garden is a standalone garden that you can set up right on your desk. It typically costs $ 179, but you can list it for just $ 149.98 for a limited time. Aquarium sold separately.

Credit: AquaSprouts

Like the AquaSprouts garden, the fountain is also self-contained, which means it recycles fish waste to nourish plants and keep the water clean. Plus, this one displays a peaceful fountain on your desktop. Get it for $ 127.98 (usually $ 159) for a limited time.

AquaSprouts® Fountain: Aquaponic Water Garden - $ 127.98

Credit: AquaSprouts

If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to a real garden, opt for one of these magical planters. They do not require soil or daily watering. Plus, you can get one for just $ 32.95 (usually $ 40) while they’re on sale.

Ionian hydroponics: Water garden - $ 32.95

Credit: by Stéphano

Gardening accessories

Ideal for gardeners and home chefs, these stainless steel shears can be used for pruning in the garden and preparation in the kitchen. Pick up a pair on sale for just $ 34.99 (usually $ 38).

Thai Kitchen and Garden Scissors - $ 34.99

Credit: Verve culture

Made of double-layered, sturdy and flexible fabric, these grow bags are moisture resistant and breathable, making them the perfect environment for growing potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables to the inside or outside. Hang your own garden in an orange, green, blue or black bag for just $ 15.99 (usually $ 39).

VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag - $ 15.99

Credit: Home Essentials

With 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this multifunctional hose is a favorite among home gardeners. It has eight different spray modes, a waterproof seal, and a design that extends up to three times its original length when the water is on. Get it on sale for $ 44.99 (usually $ 49) for a limited time.

Flexi Hose Extendable Garden Hose and Nozzle - $ 44.99

Credit: Flexi Hose

This six-pack of garden lights allows you to showcase the growth of your plants day or night. They use the power of the sun to recharge and automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Get the set for just $ 44.99 (usually $ 49) for a limited time.

Signature Garden Solar Garden Lights - $ 44.99

Credit: Signature Garden

Another Amazon favorite with 4.5 out of 5 stars, the Signature Garden spray nozzle features eight watering modes and adjustable flow control, so you can customize your water flow for each job. Save a few dollars and buy one for $ 20.99 (usually $ 22).

Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Spray Tip - $ 20.99

Credit: signature Jardin

Culture kits

This all-in-one grow kit lets you grow five different types of sunflowers – standard black oil, teddy bear, red velvet queen, chocolate cherry, and lemon queen – so you can add dynamism and volume to your indoor or outdoor garden. It comes with seedlings, biodegradable cups, coconut fiber soil discs, seed packets, etc. Take the kit on sale for $ 21.99 (usually $ 24).

Sunflower Grow Kit - $ 21.99

Credit: Tree of well-being

Spicy chili lovers can grow two of the hottest and rarest types in their homes – Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili and exotic Habanero chocolate – with this grow kit. It comes with everything you need to sow, grow, and harvest peppers and costs just $ 17.99 (usually $ 19).

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Habanero Chili Chocolate grow kit - $ 17.99

Credit: Tree of well-being

While you’re at it, grow two more of the spiciest peppers: Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper. Imagine the hot sauce you could create from these! Pick up the kit for $ 17.99.

Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper Chili Grow Kit - $ 17.99

Credit: Tree of well-being

Grow your own Venus fly trap at the Little shop of horrors with this all-in-one kit including high quality seeds, peat pots, plant markers and more. Hopefully yours won’t develop an appetite for human blood. Buy the kit for only $ 19.99 (usually $ 21) for a limited time.

Venus Flytrap Seed Grow Kit - $ 19.99

Credit: Tree of well-being

Apartment dwellers will love this all-in-one kit for growing 10 popular herbs – like basil, parsley, oregano, dill, and more. – from their windowsill. It comes with everything you need to get started and could potentially help enhance your home cooked meals with your own spices and seasonings. Get the complete kit for $ 37.99 for a limited time.

Windowsill Garden Herb Kit - $ 37.99

Credit: Well-being tree

The Zen Garden Spiritual Grow Kit includes everything you need to grow five healing houseplants: Lavender, Sage, Snake, Eucalyptus, and Jasmine. Get the kit for just $ 20.99.

Zen Garden Spiritual Healing Houseplant Grow Kit - $ 20.99

Credit: Tree of well-being

With biodegradable grow pots and seeds sourced from local growers in the United States, this herb grow kit is a great way to get back to nature. You can grow your own basil, arugula, dill, cilantro, and more for just $ 21.99 (usually $ 25).

Culinary Herb Garden Kit - $ 21.99

Credit: Geo Box

Cut down on the number of errands you do each month by growing your own vegetables from scratch with this kit. It contains everything you need to grow Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Golden Zucchini, Beefsteak Tomatoes, and Swiss Rainbow Chard for just $ 21.99 (usually $ 24).

Masterclass 5 Vegetable Grow Kit - $ 21.99

Credit: Well-being tree


Get 10 hours of hands-on planting, propagation, woodworking, and design instruction from professional landscapers and other top instructors. Even beginners will be on their way to becoming a green thumb for just $ 19.99 ($ ​​1,194 value).

The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle - $ 19.99

Credit: Skills success

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