20 best gardening tools for the summer

When the weather warms our thoughts turn to spending time outdoors, which inevitably means noticing how much we need to spruce up our gardens and front yards. Whether you’re trying to increase your curb appeal, add a few raised beds to grow tomatoes and kale, or design and grow the English garden of your dreams, if you want to get into the dirt, you need the right tools. to do it with.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite affordable, high-quality basic garden tools. From weeping hoses that won’t waste water to pruning shears that won’t hurt your hands, these are the general garden tools that almost any gardener, from the beginner learning about annuals and perennials to the master gardener repotting azaleas. will want to have on hand. You may be planning simple tasks like adding a few plants to your garden or planting flowers that attract butterflies. You might be working on larger projects, like adding garden fence ideas for your space. Regardless of the scale, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. Even if you already have basic tools like a rake and shovel, it might be time to upgrade. It is also worth checking out the latest gadgets on the market. Having the right tools can save you backbreaking work and make your life a whole lot easier!

Whether you’re looking for the best garden shoes or the best gardening gloves or something with a little more power, we’ve got you covered. Add these tools to your garden shed and your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.


Felco Classic Secateurs

For simply the best, most comfortable, and sturdy pruning shears, you simply can’t beat Felco. It’s a bit of an investment, but you’ll enjoy them for years to come.


Housolution Gardening Tote Bag

Are you looking for a convenient place to store your most used gardening tools? This sturdy bag is lightweight, with large pockets and at an affordable price.


Fiskars 28 inch Bypass Loppers

Fiskars is one of the best names for garden tools, and these knives, made of hardened steel, are ideal for trimming smaller branches and more woody shrubs with ease.


Lifetime warranty

Soaking hose

Save time and money with a weeping hose, which delivers water directly to the roots without unnecessary runoff or evaporation. This one is super soft and flexible, and designed to endure years of seasonal harshness. The company promises a lifetime warranty on this product.


Bully Tools Steel Round Tip Shovel

This solidly constructed steel shovel is a great tool for 90% of your gardening needs.


True Temper Garden Rake

Also known as a bow rake, a garden rake is invaluable for spreading mulch evenly, breaking up compost, leveling dirt, and giving the garden the shape of a vessel.


Digging fork

Whether you are loosening compacted soil, digging bulbs, turning compost or moving mulch, this tough resin-coated carbon steel is easy to hold and maneuver. Bonus: It comes with a lifetime warranty.


Worx Electric Leaf Blower

There’s a reason nearly 6,000 Amazon reviewers have given this leaf blower 5 stars. There are several reasons, in fact: it’s light, incredibly powerful, and easy to use. And the wired option means you can use it for over half an hour without having to wait for a battery to recharge.


Hori digging knife

This versatile gardening tool is a must have. The company notes that it is ideal for “digging, planting, weeding, and share.”


Flexible bathtubs

Harvest veggies, scoop weeds, or haul water in a multipurpose garden bin. These ribbed tubs are washable, foldable, and durable, so keep a few sizes handy. You will use them over and over again.


40 Volt Battery Lawn Mower

Get to work on your lawn quickly with this battery mower. Its convenient push-button start means you’ll never worry about gas and oil or that frustrating pull-start. The battery of this model lasts about 50 minutes.


Fiskars manual reel mower

Imagine a virtually maintenance-free lawn mower: no gasoline, no oil, no cords, no batteries. And yet it is still offers height adjustable size and a wheel drive system that turns the blades faster and makes pushing much easier. Best part? It’s quiet, so you can mow whenever you want without disturbing the neighbors or the music in your headphones.


Compost bin

Every gardener needs a place to store garden waste and kitchen scraps to make nutrient-rich garden gold. Double batches in this double-sided composter. When one side is full, let it harden and start adding raw materials to the other side.


Worx Electric Bladeless Leaf Shredder

Shred giant piles of leaves into one or two bags. Create your own leaf mulch for the garden or flower beds. This handy device quickly clears yard waste and collapses to a small size for easy storage.


Garden scooter with bucket basket

Reduce back and knee fatigue by working out while sitting on a rolling scooter. This one has an attached basket that holds a tub or garden bucket for carrying the crop or picking up weeds.


Garden gloves

Throw away those big bulky gloves that give you blisters. These nitrile coated gloves are flexible, comfortable and fit snugly in your hand, so you’ll have better grip on every job. Plus, they’re washable after a day in the mud.


Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Long-handled weeders, or cultivators, allow you to stand upright for weeding or digging without bending over, which is easier on your back and knees. For more power when it comes to bigger projects, this life-changing tool.


Smart Carts Garden Cart

Old fashioned wheelbarrows are so, well, old fashioned. This one carries up to 400 pounds with the weight balanced on the wheels, not in the handle, so you can easily haul mulch, compost, or new plants.


18 ” Yard Butler Hand Rake

The secret to cleaning leaves in tight spaces? A small hand rake. This proven tool features a padded wooden handle and powder coated steel teeth.


Gardening shoes

While you can just step out to the garden in an old pair of sneakers, your feet will be much happier in a sturdy pair of waterproof, comfortable and dirt-resistant garden shoes. Check out our favorite pairs, from scalloped clogs to knee-length muck boots.

Check out our favorite garden shoes here.

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