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The wild and sustainable look is the trend in garden design

Whether on a huge estate or outside of a tiny home, the modern garden aims for wild landscapes, native species and harmonious transitions to a natural environment, according to a new book showcasing the work of prominent designers from contemporary gardens. In “Garden Wild: Wildflower Meadows, Prairie-Style Plantings, Rockeries, Ferneries, and Other Sustainable Designs Inspired […]

Top three garden design trends for 2019

A RECENT STUDY of the National Association of Landscape Professionals revealed that the zeitgeist of garden design has little to do with botanical culture and everything to do with compressing extra living space out of our courtyards. When the association asked 1,000 designers and entrepreneurs to predict the most influential landscape trends for 2019, three […]

Henry Homeyer: 8 tips for a good garden design from Piet Oudolf | Community-News

I was recently in my garden and noticed that my tall decorative grass looked quite run down. I have a tuft of fountain grass (Miscanthus sinensis), a variety called “Morning Light”. It’s time to cut back all the stems and flowers that have withstood, for the most part, the winter winds. Looking at it reminded […]