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The English Tradition Has a Huge Influence on the Design of Southern Gardens | Way of life

The English tradition has been very influential in the way we design and garden in the South. The English know how to garden! However, the earliest of our gardens in America were borrowed from the “old style” and grid pattern. This influence developed from Egyptian, Roman, Islamic, Spanish and Italian roots and later became widely […]

DIY garden landscaping: an infallible guide to landscaping a new garden

Before you can design your new garden, it is essential to know what you are working with. Examine the site to assess factors such as soil type, wind exposure, access issues, and key plants – then you’ll be ready to sketch out a concept plan. By analyzing the site in depth, you will gain a […]

Garden design, lines and themes | The Guardian Nigeria News

Mediterranean-style interior garden Chinese garden design idea for small space landscaping Tropical themed plantation style garden Curved lines catch the eye on an intriguing journey I didn’t like dealing with lines and angles in math class, but I like to use them when thinking about landscape ideas. Take advantage of lines, shapes and angles when […]