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How to sharpen and restore your gardening tools

Nothing ruins your afternoon gardening plans faster than dull tools. “They can make or break your project,” says Natasha Nicholes, founder of We Sow We Grow, a community gardening initiative in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to advancing gardening and farming in an urban landscape. “Dull tools often lead to poorly cut stems or branches.” Neat and […]

Aster Garden Design Center offers a variety of plants and landscaping options

▶ ️ Listen to this article now. Stepping into Aster Garden Design is a bit like stepping into a secret garden – and that’s what it was designed for, said owner Karen Oleson. The company, which opened last year, took Karen and her husband and co-owner Paul Oleson four years to prepare. “The building existed, […]

Rolls-Royce Wildlife Garden Design Competition Winner Announced

Rolls-Royce, as a company, may have become a legend over the decades, thanks to its cars, but the wealthy lifestyle is much more than that. And the Goodwood plant isn’t just about making cars. A while back, we reported that Rolls-Royce was looking for a new design for its green corner on the West Sussex […]

Ways to Consider Water in Your Permaculture Garden Design

In a permaculture garden, water is always an important consideration: you need to think carefully about water in all permaculture designs. As a permaculture designer, I know that efficient water management in a garden can be more than just a matter of best ecological practices. Aquatic elements in permaculture can both perform important functions and […]

Gardening tools, vegan cookbook ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching, Sunday June 20, 1951. Whoops. Our bad. 2021. Forgive us for being confused. We took a look at your gift list and forgot what century we are in. Connections? Power tools? Cooking utensils? All great gifts for Ward Cleaver, as he comes home from his hard day at the Hula […]

Canandaigua OK’d Wood Library Outdoor Reading Garden Plan

CANANDAIGUA – While safe enough for the police chief, the Outdoor Reading Garden offered by the Wood Library is safe enough to be approved by the city. The town planning commission gave the green light on Tuesday evening to the municipal library’s plan to create a small place for quiet reflection and reading, as well […]

Wutopia Lab’s Shanghai Bookstore borrows from Chinese garden design

Perforated aluminum and quartz stone shelves also serve as partitions in this maze-like Shanghai bookstore created by local architecture studio Wutopia Lab. The 452 square meter bookstore, which opened last month, is located at the foot of a recently completed brick red office building called Cifi Xintiandi (called “The Roof” in English) by Ateliers Jean […]

Alicante experiments with landscaping

Alicante experiments with landscaping New approaches to the arrangement of plants in order to create various visual effects The City of Alicante has decided to refresh the visual image of its parks and gardens by setting up new floral and plant arrangements. This will involve redeveloping the flowerbeds and shrubs of the main points of […]

Bedding, shampoo, gardening tools and more

The month of May was full of holidays and notable business and shopping events, from Mother’s Day and Memorial Day to May 4 (for all Star Wars fans), an Etsy Outdoor Sale, and a Parachute Sale. Notifying some of them, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released new guidelines for people fully vaccinated […]