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  • Using garden design software will allow you to create the garden of your dreams.
  • Take a look at our picks below to find the best gardening software online.
  • There are gardening software that can also create 3D objects and landscapes.
  • Be aware that some of the programs below are free or include limited trials.

garden design software

If you are faced with landscaping a yard, it is best to consider using garden design software to help organize your thoughts and come up with a plan.

Garden software is especially needed when considering a landscaping project with multiple gardens. However, it takes some time to learn and use this software.

Using this software helps you design a concrete plan for your gardens and landscaping. It helps you make a solid decision on what exactly you want.

It is not very easy for you to visualize the landscaping all at once, but once sketched, not only will you remember every detail, but you will also have a precise plan from which to design your masterpiece. exterior work.

For interior designs or landscaping and garden designs outside your home, powerful garden design software is sure to save your day.

As a result of this, we decided to publish this article showing various design software. Combine them with Feng Shui software, and the recipe for success is ready.

If you like software for designing your garden, there are a few premium versions to check out below. They are not expensive and will definitely help you create the perfect garden.

What are the best garden design tools?

Adobe Illustrator is a highly refined application for creating vector graphics.

To plan your perfect garden, you don’t need anything more as this will allow you to quickly draw a plan, change the lines to suit your landscaping needs, etc.

If you are used to other Adobe applications, know that the interface is quite similar. Therefore, creating a simple layout should be quite easy.

The Pen tool will be your best friend as it is the main tool you use to draw lines that will eventually turn into shapes. Familiarize yourself with all the drawing tools to best suit your needs.

The main characteristics included in the program:

  • The Pen tool is one of the most used tools for creating all kinds of outlines, layouts, etc.
  • A clean, fully customizable interface that lets you capture the essence of abstract art
  • Many effects help you express how you want your garden to be divided
  • Learning Illustrator is very easy due to the plethora of online resources available.
Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator

Design sketches and plans for your projects using Adobe Illustrator’s rich feature library.

DreamPlan Home Design is a complete home planning software. It is one of the best products of its kind and it can be used by anyone interested in creating not only garden designs but also house plans, redecorating etc.

You don’t need any CAD knowledge to use DreamPlan as it has a visual and intuitive user interface.

DreamPlan Home Design comes with tools for several types of architectural projects. If your primary interest is gardening, you can combine the Exterior and Landscaping tools to create intricate designs.

The software allows you to plant trees, add different types of plants, reshape the outdoor land, design front gardens and backyard structures.

Other main characteristics from DreamPlan Home Design include:

  • Generate 3D models of your designs
  • Support for import and export of 3D models
  • Extensive interior design options, including tons of furniture

DreamPlan Home Design is paid software. It has a free trial, so you can try it out before purchasing and see if it meets your needs.

DreamPlan home design

DreamPlan home design

Create intricate garden designs with intuitive tools. Does not require any CAD knowledge.

You can use this software to design your garden. It is also a good tool for researching plants. With this software, you can examine the longevity of plants, their varieties and how to care for them.

It’s user-friendly software that lets you include fences, buildings, decks, sheds, and even a pond.

If you want a quick and easy way to design your garden, consider using Shoot Garden Planner. In addition, this software is compatible with Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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This free garden design software is a powerful tool in landscaping. It allows you to visualize your garden in a 3D space. It looks a lot like a video game.

While using it to build your garden, you can move around, it gives you real life feeling. You can specify the size of the garden you desire and also customize its shape exactly as you plan to build it.

Many products can be added to your design using this software. You can add paths, garden coverings, edging, summer pavilions, paving and walls.

You can register your garden in your online account while you are working. When you’re done, have an installer help you build the garden or you build it yourself.

If you intend to build yourself; request the necessary information on their official website to order all required products.

Get Marshall’s Garden Viewer

This powerful software is ideal for landscaping and of course the garden. It is premium software with several packages.

However, the price is a bit high, but it doesn’t really matter because it is very cheap. In addition, this software allows you to make the right plan.

If after downloading it you don’t like it, you can easily get rid of it; at least you haven’t spent any money unlike other design programs which are much more expensive.

Get the home designer from the chief architect

Gardena is web based garden design software. On the website, you will find all types of landscaping products for water management (sprinklers, hoses, etc.), lawn care (mowers), shrubs and trees, and more.

However, Gardena keeps people interested in their products. In other words, they don’t want to take advantage of the software itself.

Instead, the software is a way to get people to their site and promote various products, thus earning a bigger payoff.

It’s a win / win relationship between Gardena and its consumers looking for free design tools.

Have you used any of the garden design software we mentioned above? Share with us your experience by commenting below.

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