A garden design school will open this summer

A Yorkshire-based garden designer is launching a new school specifically to train Nordic landscape designers.

Alistair Baldwin founded AWB Associates, a Richmond-based architecture and landscape consultancy, over 15 years ago.

Its Yorkshire School of Garden Design opens in August with a range of short courses throughout the year – designed for garden design enthusiasts and those wishing to learn more about all aspects of the art , from landscaping to planting.

Alistair Baldwin

His Professional Garden Architect Diploma issued in one academic year, begins in September.

The school will be based at Harewood House, near Leeds, which has over 100 acres of parkland designed by eminent 18e landscape architect of the century Sir Lancelot Capability Brown.

Baldwin said: “The Yorkshire School of Garden Design was born out of my passion for this great art, combined with a deep belief that the North of England calls for such a school.

“For too long, budding northern designers have had no local choice when seeking a learning experience to broaden their skills and launch them into the profession.

“Most often students have had to travel all the way to London to find the right course and I thought that needed to change.

“I have lived and worked in North Yorkshire for over three decades and have developed a keen understanding of how the terrain, geology, even climate and way of working is very different in this part of the Kingdom. -United.

“The process of designing and building gardens in this beautiful landscape is very different to the south of England, so I want to share everything I have learned over the past 35 years and inspire a new generation.”

Baldwin will be joined by a team of design consultants who will work with him to deliver the Professional Diploma course and a range of short courses for those wishing to build a professional career in garden design or for enthusiasts wishing to learn a little more about Art.

Trevor Nicholson, Head Gardener at Harewood House, said: “Harewood House is a fitting and inspiring location for a school that hopes to train the design professionals of tomorrow.

“We are used to nurturing classic landscapers and garden designers with our parks and gardens, and I am incredibly delighted to welcome guests and inspire them with our beautiful landscapes.”

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