ALDI Slings $129 Kärcher Dupe & Gardening Tools In Special Buys

Green thumbs rejoice! ALDI has some really cheap gardening tools in Special Buys this week; including a pressure washer similar to the premium Kärcher brand, but for less than half the price.

The Ferrex pressure washer will be on sale for $129 and bears a striking resemblance to the Kärcher Full Control pressure washer which usually retails for $299. ALDI (Ferrex) model includes eight meter hose, 10.2 MPa working pressure, spray gun with lance, two pressure nozzles and patio cleaning attachment. It also comes with an integrated hose reel and a 1 liter detergent tank. The Economy Supermarket Gardening Specials Sale starts on Saturday 19th March.

Also included in the mid-aisle sale is a Ferrex leaf blower with turbine fan technology for $69.99, which includes a maximum air speed of 209 km/h, two-speed control, handle ergonomic design and a blower tube that you can assemble without tools. .

Ferrex leaf blower (ALDI)

There will also be a $99.99 Ferrex 2-in-1 chainsaw, which comes with an automatic chain tensioning and lubricating system, as well as an oil level window and a three-meter telescopic tube .

Chainsaw Ferrex 2 in 1 (ALDI)

ALDI’s gardening specials will also include vegetable garden beds for $29.99, a hedge trimmer and whiskey barrel planters for $19.99, and solar lights for $14.99 each.

ALDI gardening Special purchases

Special purchases are only available while supplies last. If you’re looking to track down Special Buys before they sell out, check ALDI’s Special Buys stock checker on the website for stock availability at stores in your area.

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