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Smart garden: the best tech gardening tools and gadgets for 2018

Plant scanner app can identify thousands of plants and pests from all parts of the world Horticulture has gone high tech and technology is deceiving gardens. From dying plant alerts to Bluetooth speakers and smart watering, outdoor spaces are plugging in. We have an app with plant experts on speed dial and smart sprinklers that […]

6 specialty gardening tools to try this spring

Berry comb This is what commercial blueberry growers use for the harvest. The rake-shaped teeth detach berries from their branches as you run them through shrubs, depositing the fruit inside the tool. This considerably reduces the labor of harvesting a large plot of blueberries. Berry combs are also suitable for picking wild blueberries, and some […]

The Latest Gardening Tools in Southwest Florida

The latest garden gadgets boast convenience and style. High-tech hoses, smart irrigation controllers, and clog-resistant rakes are now on the market. Need a wheelbarrow organizer? These also exist. At Orchard Supply Hardware in Naples, eco-friendly battery-powered power tools are a popular sale. GreenWorks offers cordless blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and more. “Everything is battery […]

Must-Have Gardening Tools – Best New Lawn & Garden Tools 2017

When the weather warms up and it’s finally time to work outside again, be ready with new tools that will let you kill weeds with fire, keep your wheelbarrow organized, and water your lawn. like a firefighter. a machete Rotate it with one hand and clean up debris with the other. The Fiskars cleaning machete […]