City Council approves change to cremation garden plan

MINTO – City council has approved an amended plan to install columbaria in the cemeteries of Harriston and Palmerston.

Roads and Drainage Manager Mike McIsaac briefed council on the progress of a plan for the cremation gardens in Clifford, Harriston and Palmerston at the August 24 meeting.

The original design, approved by council in March, shows three column-style columbariums covered with a trellis for Palmerston and a 72-niche columbarium in Harriston.

However, a staff report notes that after reviewing options with supplier Superior Monuments, staff became aware of the additional costs associated with implementing a three column columbarium.

The report notes that due to the initial cost of the units, the installation of the trellis as well as future maintenance and replacements of the trellis make cost recovery for the city unachievable at current selling rates.

McIsaac explained that staff now recommend a 72-niche columbarium as the focal point of the Palmerston Cremation Gardens, which brings a cohesive approach to the three main cemeteries.

A 72-niche columbarium has been in place at Clifford Cemetery since 2012.

Hexagonal columbaria will be installed in the Harriston and Palmerston cemeteries. Minto Board Agenda Image

McIsaac noted that the hexagonal design recommended for the Harriston and Palmerston sites is less expensive than the square design used at Clifford.

“It’s almost $ 10,000 cheaper than what we currently have in Clifford, mainly because of the amount of stone that is involved in the square columbarium, as well as the dome cap and the size and weight of the dome. this unit, ”he explained.

The combined cost of the columbariums, one for Harriston and Palmerston cemeteries, is $ 138,460.

The report notes that $ 84,000 remained in the project budget as of 2020.

A 50% deposit is required by Superior Monuments at time of order, with the balance due in 2022 upon delivery, the report notes.

“This requires the approval of additional funding in 2022 in the amount of approximately $ 54,000 to fully fund this initiative. Staff will ensure that this amount is included in the 2022 capital budget request, ”the report said.

Council received the report and directed staff to order the two hexagonal columbaria as recommended.

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