Everything you need to know about garden design

Calling all garden enthusiasts: The Decorators Club 2016-17 Speaker Series is a conference you can’t miss. Now in its 15th year, the series brings together experts to discuss design-related topics, and this year’s event will focus on the design and history of gardens. Speakers include AD100 designer Bunny Williams, architect Gil Schafer and landscape designer Miranda Brooks.

Hedges designed by Miranda Brooks.

“Architects, interior designers and garden designers create spaces of beauty and refuge,” says Judy Girod, President of the Decorators Club, of the series’ theme. As one of our speakers, landscape architect Thomas Woltz, said recently: ‘I’m always looking for the history of a site.’ The lecture series will surely enlighten us with inspiring stories from many sites, from those created in the 18th century to the present day. ”Indeed, the program spans centuries of garden design, ranging from a lecture by John Phibbs on the legendary English landscape designer Capability Brown to a discussion moderated by Bunny Williams between Gil Schafer and landscape designer Deborah Nevins on their ongoing collaboration. These talks will take place on October 26 and November 9, respectively, and two more conferences will take place next spring. Tickets Individuals cost $ 30 up front and can be purchased at thedecoratorsclub.org.

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