Garden Design by Arne Maynard in a new book

Anyone who has spent time with British landscape artist Arne Maynard knows he likes to dream big. A new book, Arne Maynard’s Gardens (Merrell, $67), demonstrates this fact through a bevy of lavish photographs of large-scale designs Maynard created in Europe and America.

But the volume also shows how Maynard thinks small. An admired luminary in the design world – he is the author of a column for the English magazine Illustrated gardens and several previous books – Maynard writes engagingly about minor choices that end up having a profound effect on outdoor spaces.

In the introduction, he describes many early horticultural discoveries and landscaping revelations. Other sections shed light on her ability to strike a balance between what looks uncultivated and what is obviously manicured. But some of the most interesting parts focus on the importance of developing a sense of belonging. The ability to read the landscape, the home, and the environment before striving to create a garden is a Maynard specialty that shines brightly in this exciting new book.

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