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Horticulture students from Derby College Group (@derbycollege) are moving forward with their participation in this year’s Gardeners World Live exhibition and competition at the NEC later this month.

Mature students follow the Level 3 curriculum which has been specifically designed by DCG Horticulture Lecturer Mike Baldwin to bring together skills and knowledge in surveying, design, planting and construction – ideal for students looking to start a horticulture business. gardening.

As part of the part-time study program, the students, supervised by Mike Baldwin, designed a garden that celebrates and unveils the transformation of the Derby MS Society into The Lilian Prime Trust.

The Trust’s main work is to provide accommodation for people with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions, and the garden marks a new direction in which the charity wishes to travel. It also recognizes how far people with MS have come to find peace and happiness.

The group is currently putting the finishing touches on the various elements of the garden and growing the plants that will feature in the garden during Gardeners World Live from August 26-29, 2021.

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Visitors to the Lilian Prime Garden will walk through an archway, then along a person living with MS, represented by the figure sculpture at the center of the design, to a structure at the end of the garden – signifying a new home provided by the Lilian Primordial Trust.

Features of the wheelchair-friendly garden will include plantings that echo the shape and pink and blue colors of the Trust logo, a soothing water feature and a bench that allows visitors to relax, breathe and unwind. feel at home.

Planting is meant to create a sense of calm and well-being – creating shade and height and raised beds to represent longevity.

The part-time students involved in the project are Darren Purdy, Sue Arthur, Jackie Emery, Rhys Green, Sam Duffy and Dave Scanlon.

Darren, who hopes to change careers and work in garden design in the future, explained:

“It was an amazing opportunity to design and create a garden for the prestigious Gardeners World Live and showcase our skills to a wide audience.”

Sue continued:

“We do all the work, from growing the plants to creating the metal sculpture and laying the path, so it’s a real team effort.”

Jackie concluded:

“People have come to really appreciate their gardens during the pandemic and I think more will appreciate the thought and time put into the designs of the show.”

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