GARDEN DESIGN RECIPES, landscape design book follows cookbook format with DIY garden recipes

“Garden Design Recipes: Design Without the Designer” (ISBN: 978-173426007) by April Harden is a do-it-yourself garden design book that provides easy-to-follow instructions. Put together in a recipe style format, there are Garden Design Recipes for creating 75 different gardens in multiple areas across the country.

The book contains over 600 colorful photos, illustrations, drawings, step-by-step instructions and plant information. The first chapters review the basics of planting and caring for plants. It also includes professional tips and techniques for homeowners on how they can get the best professional results from designs, examines annuals versus perennials, and design dos and don’ts. .

“Do-it-yourselfers can now create professional looking gardens just like the pros,” says Harden. “My Garden Design Recipes guide readers from start to finish for perfect results every time.”

Step-by-step instructions include information on everything from proper spacing and plant selection to mulch and soil calculations, soil tests, drainage, budgeting and more.

“I have tried to create a book that is not only educational but also fun to use,” says Harden. “All of the garden recipes have fun names such as ‘Eye Candy’, ‘The Bees Knees’, ‘Common Scents’ and ‘Rock and Roll’.”

For people who don’t want to DIY, the book is also a great resource. This will help them communicate to their landscaper exactly what they are looking for in their ideal garden.

The book is available in Kindle or paperback format and is available through Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and other national retailers.

April Harden is a horticulturalist and landscaper. For over 10 years, she has designed and installed landscapes and gardens in the Metro Atlanta area. She owns and operates Harden’s Gardens, an independent Atlanta metro landscaping company.

She has three children and a grandchild and enjoys writing, gardening, golf, kickboxing and poker. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to understand and appreciate the overall gardening process so that they can enjoy a new appreciation not only of their personal landscapes, but of the world around them.

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