Garden design trends for 2022

Oliver Bond notes that he is always on the lookout for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to create harsh landscape features, whether through sustainable materials, greener logistics, or installation methods. less intrusive. “We looked at a universal pedestal system to replace mortar beds under garden patios,” he says. “This reduces the amount of building materials required, decreases the impact on the garden and improves stormwater management. “


For Ann-Marie Powell, using more plants to trap carbon in the soil is a top priority. “It eliminates the requirement for additional hard landscaping imported, looks beautiful, and also attracts beneficial insects, so it’s a win-win,” she says. “I would love to find more suppliers who also grow their plants without peat. “

On the planting side, Ana Sanchez-Martin is testing substrates and alternative growing substrates in difficult soils. Meanwhile, Filippo Dester said: “I think we will continue to focus on Mediterranean and drought tolerant plantations. “

Garden by Jilayne Rickards, Jilayne Rickards Contemporary Garden Design

Reuse, recycle, reuse

“Recycling and recycling are expected to continue until 2022,” says Ann-Marie Powell, who is stepping up the use of recycled materials by shredding them for paths, patios or driveways and selecting materials with low content. carbon.

“I like to recycle the existing elements in a garden rather than putting them in the landfill,” says Ana Sanchez-Martin. “Last year I managed to save a beautiful old Victorian greenhouse by working with a wonderful craftsman who helped me reuse it. “

Jilayne Rickards agrees. “The use of second-hand furniture or ornaments gives an automatic character to the garden. Even in a contemporary setting, something old acting as a counterbalance is wonderful to see.

Jilayne’s approach to garden design is to do as little as possible with the site rather than replacing everything. “Try to work with the existing soil and use existing plants that are healthy. These will support the local fauna while encouraging biodiversity, ”she advises.

garden design trends for 2022
Garden by Fi Boyle, Fi Boyle Garden Design

Jewelry colors

Experimenting with color is one of the most exciting aspects of planting. Ann-Marie Powell loves bright colors. She says, “I have a penchant for acid yellow mixed with warm oranges and deep blues-purples right now.”

Oliver Bond is also excited about the purple and yellow jumpsuits. “It’s a fantastic color palette for bringing bees into gardens,” he says, “and it will stand proudly against a cascade of green foliage. “

Fi Boyle of Fi Boyle Garden Design also likes to group vibrant jewelry colors together. She says, “I like to combine strong magenta reds like Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’ with moody purples, deep blues and limes. The next step is to incorporate plants with colorful stems and leaves. To try Salvia ‘Caradonna’, Sedum “Karfunelstein” and Heuchère ‘Plum Pudding’. “

The final word on color goes to Jilayne Rickards, who believes color schemes may be disappearing in favor of planting programs that support pollinators.

garden trends for 2022
Garden by Anna Sanchez-Martin, The Garden Company

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