Garden Tools 2022 UK: essential gardening tools to keep your garden looking its best

Get out there and get your garden in shape with these great heavy duty gardening tools

Essential gardening tools for spring

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Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift for the green thumbs in your life: these are the garden essentials that will work for you, not against you.

A good set of gardening tools will help you turn your pottery time outdoors from a chore into a pleasure. From Japanese-inspired pruning tools and compost spheres, to eco-friendly pots and watering cans built to last, we’ve found the top-rated essentials to help you tame your jungle.

New to gardening? What you need to know if you’re just starting out

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Familiarize yourself with your garden – check the appearance first. Is it facing south or north?

Knowing where the sun hits is key to helping you decide what to grow and what will thrive.

Find out what soil you have. Do a soil test (like this one) to find out if it’s alkaline or acidic, as that will dictate which flowers grow (if you don’t want to buy a test, the presence of camellias, magnolias and pieris indicate the le soil is acidic.

Be careful when planting – read it before you go

Don’t make the mistake of just planting your plants, seedlings or saplings in the ground and hoping for the best, especially if you’re new to gardening.

Take the time to weed and prepare the soil before planting, and add mulch or fertilizer if needed. Not sure how to plant something? Look for instructions online or read the plant’s packaging, rather than try it yourself.

Trees planted too deeply will not thrive, and clods that sit proudly on the surface of the ground will quickly dry out, causing the plant to die.

Know when and where – and how much – to water your plants

It varies. It may be the soil that needs water or the root ball. Read when and where to water to make sure your plant isn’t dried out or drowned.

Start small – then grow

If this is your first garden, don’t plant everything at once. Cultivate one area then move on to the next. Better to do things slowly and properly than all at once and watch things wither away.


Composting kitchen and garden waste is great for the environment, wildlife, your bank account and also the garden. Compost can be used as a mulch around the base of plants in your garden and vegetable patch.

Our favorite gardening tools on the market for 2022

Rolling beaker composter – 315 liters

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this CompoSphere makes composting easy.

Rather than wiggling, simply check that the lid is secure, grasp the ridged edges, and roll it around the garden regularly to aerate your waste and speed up the composting process.

Roll it to where the compost is needed, without the need for a wheelbarrow. The flat bottom ensures it will stay where you leave it until it’s time for the next roll.

Easy to use, efficient and fun, it’s a great way to get the kids outside and involved in the garden.

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Outsunny Mini Greenhouse 1.9×1.3x2m

Outsunny Mini Greenhouse 1.9×1.3x2m

Green houses are often prohibitively expensive, but this model from OutSunny is reasonably priced but works perfectly. With a powder coated aluminum frame and UV resistant polycarbonate sheets, it will keep your plants, vegetables and more safe.

Sheer sheets let natural light flow throughout the structure, while a roof vent ensures excellent ventilation inside. With a single sliding door. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

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Jute garden netting

If you’re looking for netting to support your climbing crops, this jute alternative to plastic is both more aesthetically pleasing and biodegradable.

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Japanese garden scissors

Pruning is an essential part of gardening – don’t be intimidated by it. Shortening vigorously growing shrubs in mid-summer will keep them more compact and promote flowering, while pruning dormant trees in winter encourages regrowth.

Japanese gardening tools are at the forefront of innovation in topiary, and these brilliant gardening shears are no exception. These secateurs are from Niwaki, the Japanese brand specializing in pruning equipment.

The blade of the shears is made of SK steel and the handles are made of white oak. Great for hedges, shrubs and topiary – you can even try to master the cloud cut hedge with these. A good pair of general-purpose shears.

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Garden Trading Moreton Potting Bench

Keep your gardening kit in order with this attractive spruce potting bench. It’s weatherproof, with two deep drawers for loose soil, six hooks for hanging tools, and a lower shelf for watering cans, planters, and trays.

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Okatsune Secateurs – Standard No. 103

With Hitachi Yasugi high carbon steel blades, these are the most popular pruners in Japan among professional gardeners.

Sharp and strong, they are comfortable to hold, with a very satisfying action and easy to use.

The clip on the back of the handle locks the pruner in the closed position, while the red top handle and white bottom handle make them easy to spot if you drop or put them down and then find you forgot where you put them. have left.

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Burgon & Ball British Bloom Secateurs and Sheath Set

Always outside to trim your borders? You’ll love this comfortable-grip, RHS-approved pruning shears and colorful neoprene backing. Showcasing dahlias and peonies in bloom, the holder has a loop to fit on a belt.

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Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boots

This iconic welly is a must-have for any serious gardener, which is probably why Monty Don has a trusty pair. Although big on budget, you’ll have these handmade rubber boots for life.

Comfortable, warm and waterproof, they have a tightening strap to ensure the best support and an adherent and shock-absorbing sole. They can tackle any terrain, any weather, and are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

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Traditional wooden garden riddle

Traditional wooden garden riddle

A traditional riddle is a useful tool if you want to cover the seeds with a thin layer of compost. This wooden model is beautiful and sympathetic to the feel of an earthy, rustic garden.

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Bamboo pot x 5

Made from natural bamboo and rice, these eco-friendly pots offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic pots

Sturdy enough to provide five years of use, the pots can eventually be tossed on the compost heap. Once broken down into active compost, they will fully decompose within 12 months to help you grow next year’s crop.

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6 foot solid wood garden shed

This windowless, overlapping garden shed is ideal for utilizing space in your garden. With double doors, for easy access, this spacious shed is ideal for storing bikes, lawn mowers and general garden accessories.

The windowless design ensures your belongings stay safe and out of sight.

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Haws Galvanized 2 Pint Watering Can

Haws, the world’s oldest watering can company, is our go-to for stylish watering cans that are easier to carry and tip, which means less splashing.

Made of galvanized steel, this 2-quart is perfect for any gardener tending to their own jungle. With a traditional shape, handcrafted in Birmingham, it will last any gardener a lifetime.

Indian Black Metal Planter With Feet

Portable and stylish, this planter is ideal for housing plants inside or outside the home.

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Niwaki Moku garden trowel

This is a performance trowel. Made from carbon steel, it makes weeding, planting and digging effortless. The Japanese design explains its efficiency, while the beech wood handle is comfortable to hold.

With a two-year warranty.

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DeWit Solid Socket Spade

This sturdy shovel, with a T-shaped handle, is a high quality tool that will get you digging fast. With a strong forged carbon steel blade and socket, it easily plows the ground. The handle is ash hardwood (very beautiful). It is built to last and pleasant to handle.

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