Here are the garden design trends you’ll see in 2022

As we head into 2022, many of the garden design trends that have been with us since the start of 2020 continue. People who started growing their own food during the pandemic are continuing their efforts. Interest in gardening in small spaces, growing indoors and outdoors, taking a DIY approach, and wildlife-friendly gardening continues to grow.

But for 2022 going beyond those basics means we’ll see an increase in innovation and creativity as more and more people realize just how much their garden spaces can offer. They also recognize how their gardening efforts can help them enjoy a more sustainable, balanced and harmonious lifestyle, helping to solve the many challenges we face.

Work-life balance in a garden

A LinkedIn survey found that in 2021, two-thirds of people left their jobs for a passion project or are planning to do so. While not everyone will continue to work from home, the number of local and home-based businesses will likely continue to proliferate.

Garden buildings can accommodate a range of local small businesses, and the gardens themselves can offer a range of options for generating income. Gardeners will increasingly turn their gardens into places of business, making money with the things they create or grow.

At the same time, the lessons people learned during the pandemic also mean that people are enjoying their gardens more than ever for relaxation and recreation, fun and entertainment.

Several trends this year relate to solutions that help gardeners find a work-life balance in their outdoor spaces. Transition spaces between home and garden, with multifunctional elements, are essential in helping gardeners make the most of their space.

Intentional design

More and more people are realizing the connections between their own gardening efforts and the larger issues we face. There is a greater interest in the holistic design of gardens, which goes beyond the needs of the immediate household and seeks to counter common problems in the community at large and the world.

Interest in climate-friendly gardening and gardening for climate change mitigation and adaptation is on the rise. More and more people are gardening not only to create wildlife-friendly spaces, but also to stop the loss of biodiversity in the wider environment.

The desire to incorporate features such as rain gardens, wildlife corridors, mixed native hedges, etc. is increasing.

Dense and layered planting

A more holistic view of gardens and gardening, and the desire to create family-friendly work and play spaces, is moving away from the trend towards minimalism and towards dense, layered planting patterns.

These types of projects give privacy and shade to entertainment spaces and transform gardens into sanctuary spaces. Trees, shrubs, and many perennials help people and wildlife work together and create green spaces for mental health and well-being.

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Small shopping and local shopping

Another key trend for garden design in 2022 stems from the altruistic desire to see other local businesses thrive and strengthen the local community. There is a growing awareness that in order to rebuild and strengthen our society and live more sustainably, we need to buy small and buy local.

Gardeners are increasingly looking to local small businesses for the things they need for their gardens, as well as taking a DIY approach and doing as much as possible with their own hands.

Localism and responsible consumption are tipping a whole new generation of gardens on the benefits of using native plants and creating specific planting plans for their own precise locations.

Fabulous front yards

In 2022, part of a property will be more important than another. Gardeners who may have already embarked on their backyard project are looking to the front areas of their properties.

Interest in outdoor appeal has been growing for some time, but over the coming year it seems likely that gardeners will increasingly make full use of their front yards and porches. With container gardening or permanent planting, gardeners make sure their properties make a good first impression and that their front yards really improve their neighborhoods.

These are just a few of the garden design trends that will shape many gardens in 2022.

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