Horticulture Week Podcast: The Good of Sustainable Garden Design (and Why Artificial Turf Should Be Banned) with SGD President Lynne Marcus

Having designed gardens for 20 years, Lynne Marcus was named President of the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) in 2006.

Marcus tells the HortWeek podcast how she has had to adapt the way she designs gardens to adapt to the effects of climate change. She also addresses how customers respond, advising them on how to get them to make sustainable choices.

Along with some of her favorite design choices, Marcus also talks about her least favorite – artificial grass – and why she thinks it should be banned.

Marcus also describes the upcoming SGD symposium which will address the worsening climate crisis and explore the positive impact garden and landscape design can have on the environment.

Presenter: Rachael Forsyth, HortWeek Senior Reporter
Producer: Christina Taylor, HortWeek Digital Content Manager

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