How to bring kids to gardening and the best gardening tools for kids

Kids these days spend far too much time indoors staring at their screens, but if they could be tempted in the garden they would quickly realize that there is fun and excitement to be had. shovel.

A recent study by Airtasker found that 29% of millennials use gardening as a hobby, but what if we could give them a green thumb much, much sooner?

Here are some tips to get kids to start gardening …

1. Give them their own space

Kids love to plant seeds – remember the sunflower competitions in school? So providing a sunny spot where they can watch them sprout is sure to keep them entertained. Choose easy-to-grow varieties such as radishes, quick salad greens, peas, potatoes, beets, or tomatoes to add bright color, while still producing healthy meal options. Flowers and herbs such as mint, chives, nasturtium, and marigolds can also be a simple and satisfying addition.

To choose from a range of easy-to-grow seeds, visit Thompson & Morgan.

2. The right tools for the job

From small trowels to small wheelbarrows, there is a wide variety of gardening products available that are just the right size for a child’s green fingers. Kids will likely be put off by equipment that dwarfs them in height, but once they have something appropriate, they’ll be happy to get into raking, watering, and digging. See below for products …

3. Select your own seeds

Let the children choose which seeds they want to plant and they will be much more likely to get involved. Whether it’s a favorite they love to eat or something a little more odd and wonderful – pineapples and cucamelons or ‘mouse melons’ are unusual but easy to grow – kids will love it. will have fun feeding their personally picked fruits and vegetables.

4. Build a lattice fort

Create a fun shape – like a teepee or a tunnel – from branches, logs and twine. Let children plant vines near the base of the structure (sweet peas, honeysuckle, and clematis work well). As they grow, show the children how to guide the vines upwards, creating an enclosed space perfect for privacy and shade.

5. Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Nothing better than tasting local products! Let the children plan their own meals using the fruits and vegetables they have grown and harvested. Children are much more likely to have five a day if they take the time to grow them.

The Vegetarian Society offers a wide variety of recipes designed to be made with children.

Five green finger gift ideas for kids of all ages

1. Trio pack of bees, butterflies and meadows seeds

Grow flowers rich in wildlife-friendly nectar and pollen

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BUY NOW: £ 8.99

2. Wheelbarrow and garden tools

Younger children can get involved in the garden with their own watering can, pruning shears, loppers and wheelbarrow

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BUY NOW: £ 15.00

3. 3 piece children’s garden tool set

Every aspiring gardener needs the basics!

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BUY NOW: £ 8.97

4.Set of garden tools for older children

Perfect for children over 7 years old, each tool has a solid ash handle and carbon steel head

Tool, hammer, shovel, drill accessories, hand tool for metalworking, garden tool, makeup brushes,

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BUY NOW: £ 62.99

5. Grow your own cucamelon kit

These mini watermelons taste like cucumber – perfect when added to summer salads

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BUY NOW: £ 8

For more tips on gardening with the kids, as well as wonderful wild swimming spots and forgotten charcoal-burning crafts, pick up a copy of our August issue, on sale now !

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