As an introductory offer for the start of this course, the LCGD offers a saving of 25% on the future 2023 tariff

With the ever-growing interest in sustainability and the environment, awareness and obligation to approach the design of gardens and landscapes in a sustainable and thoughtful way is essential. With this increasingly important sustainable design, the London College of Design (LCGD) is delighted to present its new Sustainable Design Certificate Program.

Starting in March 2022, this 12-day course, delivered online in real-time classrooms, aims to be a far-reaching introduction to the theory and practice of sustainable landscaping and landscaping. The course will enable garden designers and landscape architects to better understand sustainable practices and assess the success of their work in achieving their gardens and landscapes.

The new certificate program focuses on the in-depth exploration of key influences, requirements and limitations, as well as the opportunities presented to modern garden designers and landscape architects as well as professional horticulturalists. This continuing professional development course will enhance general knowledge of sustainable design and practice.

The course is led by Dr Mima Taylor with support from LCGD Director Andrew Fisher Tomlin and other expert guest speakers. Dr Mima Taylor is an experienced horticulturalist, botanist, ecologist and landscape consultant trained in Kew. While at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, she won design awards and then worked for landscape designer Christopher Bradley Hole, with whom she won three consecutive gold medals at the 2004 Chelsea Flower Show / 5 / 6 as head of the plantation. to advise. Mima also teaches sustainable planting and dynamic landscape management to students at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

As an introductory offer for the start of this course, the LCGD is offering a 25% savings off the future 2023 award. A flyer is available on their website with online webinar sessions available to help potential students get started. decide if this course is right for them. Anyone interested in registering, finding out more and having their questions answered should contact the London College of Garden Design through the website at

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