Monrovia Offers Spring Garden Design Inspiration Spring 2022 Shades of Beautiful Guidebook Available Now

Azusa, California – It’s spring! Are you going to the garden center with a plan, or are you going to let the plants inspire you when it comes to design? No matter how you approach your 2022 garden, Monrovia’s New Shades of beautiful guide can help.

This new downloadable digital guide can help you kick off the spring season with ten beautiful plant palettes. Each helps you choose and define garden spaces with color, shape and texture. Filled with design guidelines and great plant choices, these combinations offer inspiration for every garden style.

“Gardening unleashes the artist in all of us,” says Katie Tamony, Marketing Manager in Monrovia. “Our Shades of Beautiful guide sparks creativity with fresh, on-trend ideas anyone can incorporate into their landscape.”

Use the Shades of beautiful guide to ideas, ideas and story ideas. Feel free to share it with your readers:

About Monrovia
Inspired by the beauty of plants, gardens and landscapes everywhere, Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. founded Monrovia in 1926 to be a leading grower of shrubs and trees. Monrovia works with plant breeders around the world to introduce improved plant varieties to North America. Monrovia plants bloom once planted to beautify gardens and landscapes. Please visit to find out more.

Look at our In pursuit of beauty video or access our Distinctive Plant Guide 2022 for more inspiration.

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