Monrovia unlocks the keys to a beautiful garden design

Azusa, California – Creating a beautiful garden starts with choosing the right plants. The new one from Monrovia All simply magnificent guide provides inspiration to make the process easier, dividing the plant choices into seven must-have categories.

“These seven different types of installations form the basis of a good design,” says Katie Tamony, Director of Marketing at Monrovia. “From trees to ground covers, each of these groups plays a vital role in the garden. Whether to catch the eye, define a space or create an element of surprise, these categories of plants serve as a starting point for your own creativity.

The guide features information on each design element, suggestions for specific plants, and a beautiful garden plan illustrated by landscape designer Lisa Nunamaker. It’s the perfect inspiration piece for fall planting or getting a head start in spring.

The 7 types of plants essential for a beautiful garden design the guide is available here:

About Monrovia
Inspired by the beauty of plants, gardens and landscapes around the world, Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. founded Monrovia in 1926 to be a leading producer of shrubs and trees. Monrovia is working with plant breeders around the world to introduce improved plant varieties to North America. Monrovia plants flourish when planted to beautify gardens and landscapes. Please visit to learn more.

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