Must-Have Gardening Tools – Best New Lawn & Garden Tools 2017

When the weather warms up and it’s finally time to work outside again, be ready with new tools that will let you kill weeds with fire, keep your wheelbarrow organized, and water your lawn. like a firefighter.

a machete

Rotate it with one hand and clean up debris with the other. The Fiskars cleaning machete ($ 30 for the 24-inch model) has a slippery coating on its blade to prevent sticky sap from slowing you down and holes in the blade to reduce weight and bring the center of gravity closer to the handle for more power and control.

Moist water

Landscape pros have a secret weapon: surfactants that reduce water tension to help water penetrate the soil. Distribute the new Scotts EveryDrop ($ 10 for a 3.6-pound jug) on ​​your grass or in your garden, and you’ll reduce your water use by up to 25%.

Your new favorite grass seed

With the addition of shade-friendly Titan Rx seeds, the Seed Super Store’s new herb mix (product SS1002; $ 64 for a ten-pound bag) stands up to intense sun as well as intense shade. and provides increased resistance to a variety of lawn pests.

A pipe that resists everything

The Goodyear MaxLite hose ($ 35) can withstand scorching sun and hot water up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and remains flexible even 40 degrees below. Get it in a bright color and you’ll avoid one of the few things the MaxLite can’t stand: getting run over by a lawn mower.

Weedkiller not to be missed

Wheelbarrow organizer

The trusty wheelbarrow is an essential tool for transporting organic matter, fertilizers, plants, etc. The problem is that everything is piled up in the middle. Imagine moving flowers and a bag of topsoil when the bag tips over and crushes the plants. Not good.

This is where the genius of the wheelbarrow organizer lies. For $ 60, the Original Little Burro fits most wheelbarrows to provide a compartmentalized tray for tools and supplies. The lightweight cart can support up to 80 lbs. It even has individual partitions for keys, a cell phone, and a drink, and it can carry long-handled tools, a 5-gallon bucket, and seedlings. This will reduce the number of trips you have to make to your garage or shed, which will make your life a bit easier.

Bigger burn cage

Burning leaves or branches in the open air or in a 55 gallon barrel can be dangerous. Flying sparks present a hazard, and blown away burnt leaves can start unwanted fires. That’s why we recommend a burn cage, and if you need a large one, this is it.

DR Power took its original BurnCage and enlarged it by 38% to contain more consumable waste in a safe environment. TheBurnCage XL, on sale for $ 460, features a perforated stainless steel incinerator that holds searing embers and maximizes airflow for a hotter fire – combustion temperatures reach 1600 degrees F. Stainless steel will not rust and does not corrode, so it t be an eyesore like that rusty drum or the scorch stain you get from starting fires on the ground. The BurnCage XL also folds up, making it easy to move and store.

Pop-up plant covers

Gardener’s Supply Company manufactures a convenient line of plant covers, made with polyethylene fabric and a mesh top to create a miniature greenhouse that protects plants from cold and winds. The company expanded the group this year with a Pop Up Cuke and Squash Accelerator.

The company says the pop-up, which is 16 inches. tall with a 16-in. diameter and sells for $ 13, allows plants to grow 25 percent faster. Hot air can escape through the mesh to prevent overheating. The lid opens when you release the buttons. To use it, simply place it on the plant and anchor it to the ground (anchors are not included). The mesh top zips up when you need ventilation or direct sunlight. At the end of the season, the cover lays flat for convenient storage.

Intelligent irrigation controller

Smart home technology isn’t just limited to indoor appliances and appliances. Blossom offers a connected lawn irrigation controller that can access real-time local weather data and use that information to optimize watering for your lawn. The personalized plan is based on your location, weather conditions and vegetation.

Why spend your hard earned dollars on such a device? According to Blossom, homeowners waste up to half of their irrigation water. The intelligent control system eliminates water wastage for an average annual saving of $ 300 on water bills, according to the company. These savings offset the $ 200 to purchase the controller. Blossom’s device works with your existing irrigation system and replaces your current controller. You can also use an app to control the irrigation system via a smartphone or tablet.

Lightweight battery-powered trimmer

The Stihl’s FSA 90 R string trimmer uses a 36-volt lithium-ion battery to reduce weight while providing long run times. The tool weighs just 11.2 lbs, so it’s easy to maneuver and has a wider than normal cut width of 15 inches to get jobs done faster.

The battery, which can be used in other Stihl tools, runs quieter than a gasoline engine with no maintenance or exhaust. Users can still control the speed of the throttle, giving them the ability to reduce throttle when pruning around delicate plants. The Stihl comes at a hefty price tag of $ 350, however, so this professional grade mower is for DIYers with large jobsites that they need to keep under control.

Anti-clog rake

Ames recently introduced a leaf rake with two rows of tines, or tines, stacked in a staggered and alternating fashion. The company says this design keeps teeth from clogging and lets you rake up to 45% faster than with a traditional rake.

The $ 20, 26-inch, two-prong poly leaf rake also has a comfortable handle, which is nice when you have a lot of leaves or grass to clean up. A version of the rake that includes a small, removable hand rake for tight spaces is available for $ 25.

Fireman’s nozzle sprayer

There are a myriad of hand-held sprayers on the market for washing your truck, watering plants, and cleaning the grass from your mower deck, but none are as cool as the firefighter’s garden hose nozzle. It looks and works like a real fire hose.

Granted, the $ 80 price tag makes it about four times more expensive than the cheap sprayers you can buy at home improvement centers. But besides letting you play firefighter, this tool has a higher build with an aluminum body and a rubber grip.

Comfortable grip hand tools

Maybe your old gardening tools are breaking down. Maybe you are tired of the inevitable blisters. Well, this year take a look at the comfortable and reliable tools in Corona’s ComfortGEL line. The trowel, weeder, cultivator, shovel, hoe / cultivator, and transplanter cost $ 10 each, and they offer comfortable non-slip handles on stainless steel bodies. The handles have a gel layer molded onto a firm, ergonomic grip.

They are also smartly designed tools. The weeder has a fork-tipped blade for digging into the ground, and the trowel has graduated depth marks along the head.

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