Now disinfecting garden tools gives you a head start for next year.

Plant diseases can easily spread from plant to plant if you don’t disinfect your tools.

With this year’s gardening season behind us, get a head start on next year by taking the time to clean your tools now. A wipe down with a paper towel and a bleach solution is fine, but a proper sanitation regimen is preferable.

Here’s how you can prepare for next year’s plant diseases.

Start with water

Use water to wash off the dirt. A hose or powerful faucet stream will remove most, if not all, of your tool debris.

Using a wire brush

A good wire brush will remove the sap. If that doesn’t work or there’s a lot of buildup on your tools, try vegetable shortening. Wipe tools with a dry cloth.


Disinfection tools will kill any potential pathogens that may attach to your tools. Use a 10% bleach solution to spray on tools or use a disinfectant wipe. Then wipe the tools with a dry cloth.

Cleaning your tools now will make sure you are ready to go when spring arrives.

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Rosanne Loparco, Master Gardener Volunteer, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County.

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