Outdoor rooftop garden plan to stop goofs off in a waterfront building

Plans are underway to transform the leaky ‘horror’ roof of a historic Plymouth waterfront building into an ‘alfresco’ style beer garden with security measures to prevent thieves from falling. jump into the sea.

Green Form Design Architects have submitted a pre-application planning submission for The Corinthian, at Madeira Road, on the Hoe. The building, which dates from 1688, was once used by the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club until it was sold to Steve Langmaid in 2019.

The nautical club moved to a building in The Parade, on the Barbican, and now plans are being drawn for his old house, located in the Barbican Conservation Area and built into the rock face.

The building was used by tombstoners over the years, with numerous reports of young people jumping from its roof in the sea.

Plans for a new entrance to the Corinthian in Plymouth would create access to a new outdoor rooftop garden

The Corinthian, in Plymouth. Plans would see the tower removed and the roof transformed into an “open-air” beer garden

The architects said the goal of the proposed development is to improve access to all floors of the building. The roof of the building, which is only about 1m above the level of the roadway, is described as an “eyesore” and “rather tired looking” in a report submitted to Plymouth City Council planners .

The report from Plymouth-based Green Form Design said: “It (the roof) is leaking in places and is cluttered with raised skylights, chimney pots and maintenance equipment most of which are no longer in use.

“Rather than just replacing it with new, it is proposed to use this rooftop space as an ‘al fresco’ style beer garden, similar to other bars and restaurants on the Barbican and The Hoe.


“These have worked extremely well with the public and are very popular on sunny summer days and at events of public attraction. “

A planning request has already been submitted for the provision of a new entrance at the northwest corner of the site next to the existing entrance gate on Madeira Road, and the architects propose to use this structure and l ‘extend slightly to house a new entrance on the roof.

It will also provide a new stairwell in the building, as well as a rooftop bar, according to the report. He also said that to complement the outdoor cafe he is considered to provide high quality parasols in the form of pergolas.

An example of the Gibus Pergola Med Zenit range of awnings, which could be used for a beer garden on the roof of the Corinthian in Plymouth

He gave the example of a product from the Gibus Pergola Med Zenit range, which is considered to be an “attractive, sturdy yet lightweight structure”.

This new structure would protrude from the roof by about 2.4m but would appear temporary and light, so as not to interfere with the setting of historic elements around the site, according to the report.

To ensure public safety, it is further proposed to provide a glass balustrade around the entire perimeter to remove tombstones from the premises. It is also proposed that the existing turret-shaped structure be removed, which “will improve sea views”.

The lower ground floor also has some work proposed “in the form of modifying the existing walls to create better functioning spaces”.

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The extreme lower deck provided toilets and showers for members of the yacht club, when they took their boats out to sea. It is now proposed to improve these facilities by providing new toilets and showers as well as a bar and seating. outdoor pergola and lounge chairs.

The report concludes that: “The basic strategic vision for the Hoe / Barbican region has been to consolidate and develop the region as an attractive and sustainable mixed-use neighborhood creating a unique and high quality environment that will attract investment and new residents.

“High quality residential blocks have been created with restaurants on the ground floor as well as outdoor style outdoor seating areas.

“Our proposals, including the idea of ​​an open-air style rooftop garden, are considered to not be detrimental to the conservation and historic setting. Instead, it will bring new life to a redundant and tired roof and building to create a very useful space for the citizens of Plymouth.

Built in the 17th century as part of the Royal Citadel, the Corinthian has its own water access and was used as a clubhouse from 1896 until it was put on the market with an indicative price of £ 750,000.

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