GARDEN DESIGN RECIPES, landscape design book follows cookbook format with DIY garden recipes

“Garden Design Recipes: Design Without the Designer” (ISBN: 978-173426007) by April Harden is a do-it-yourself garden design book that provides easy-to-follow instructions. Put together in a recipe style format, there are Garden Design Recipes for creating 75 different gardens in multiple areas across the country. The book contains over 600 colorful photos, illustrations, drawings, step-by-step […]

Master Gardeners of Napa County: Thoughts on Garden Design | Master Gardener

Denise Seghesio Levine, UC Napa County Master Gardener First of all, a warning. While there are many wonderful landscapers and gardeners who are master gardeners, I am not one of them. Garden design is still pretty experimental for me, even after all these years. After taking seminars and classes and reading books and articles on […]

“Don’t Claim the East Coast Garden Plan” | Bombay News

Despite objections, the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) included a plan to create a 145 hectare central garden similar to Hyde Park in London, near Haji Bunder in south Mumbai, reclaiming 93 ha, in its revised plan. of redevelopment of the eastern seafront submitted to the government of Maharashtra. Town planners and activists continue to oppose […]

Sensory Garden Plan for Bedwellty House and Park in Tredegar

A NEW Community Sensory Garden will be created in Bedwellty Historic Park in Tredegar, for the benefit of residents and visitors. The garden, which will be completed with a bluebell path, is the result of a fundraising effort that began with a donation of £ 2,800 from Councilor John Morgan, who represents the Georgetown neighborhood […]

David Douglas Botanical Garden plan unveiled

The sign along University Way announcing the future expansion of the David Douglas Botanical Garden has been in place since last summer. For Linda Naess, that future is now. All she needs is $ 2. The sign along University Way announcing the future expansion of the David Douglas Botanical Garden has been in place since […]

Unique and surprisingly practical gardening tools: plant catchers, ergonomic shovels and more – Mother Earth News

Photo by Unsplash /NEON BRAND Everyone has hobbies in life, but it’s especially rewarding to create things with your own hands. The same joy that drives people to paint pictures on canvas and write countless books fuels other pursuits, like tending the plants and caring for the earth. A special thrill comes from being self-sufficient […]

Unique and surprisingly practical gardening tools: plant catchers, ergonomic shovels and more

Everyone has hobbies in life, but it’s especially rewarding to create things with your own hands. The same joy that drives people to paint on canvas and write countless books fuels other pursuits, like tending to the plants and taking care of the earth. A special thrill comes from being self-sufficient and cultivating a successful […]

Brian Minter: Emily Erlam brings environmental sensitivity and inspiration to garden design

Breadcrumb Links Gardening If you are interested in landscaping or want to broaden the vision of your own garden, do not miss this talk given by a renowned British designer. Author of the article: Brian minter Release date : January 24, 2020 • January 24, 2020 • 4 minutes to read • Join the conversation […]

The English Tradition Has a Huge Influence on the Design of Southern Gardens | Way of life

The English tradition has been very influential in the way we design and garden in the South. The English know how to garden! However, the earliest of our gardens in America were borrowed from the “old style” and grid pattern. This influence developed from Egyptian, Roman, Islamic, Spanish and Italian roots and later became widely […]

DIY garden landscaping: an infallible guide to landscaping a new garden

Before you can design your new garden, it is essential to know what you are working with. Examine the site to assess factors such as soil type, wind exposure, access issues, and key plants – then you’ll be ready to sketch out a concept plan. By analyzing the site in depth, you will gain a […]

Garden design, lines and themes | The Guardian Nigeria News

Mediterranean-style interior garden Chinese garden design idea for small space landscaping Tropical themed plantation style garden Curved lines catch the eye on an intriguing journey I didn’t like dealing with lines and angles in math class, but I like to use them when thinking about landscape ideas. Take advantage of lines, shapes and angles when […]

Boston Red Sox Fenway Park rooftop garden plan for MCG, Melbourne Park

The bosses of MCG and Melbourne Park are considering a Boston Red Sox program that has turned an underutilized part of Fenway Park baseball stadium into a huge rooftop fresh fruit and veg farm. Stadium gardens to feed fans and families in need could be built on major grounds such as the MCG and Melbourne […]

Brighton owner’s ‘sunken garden’ plan rejected

Aerial view of the site The retrospective planning request to dig the garden at 44 The Cliff, Roedean, was received after tons of material had already been excavated. And an official investigation is underway after properties – described as two mobile homes – were built without planning permission from Brighton and Hove City Council. But […]

Brooklyn’s garden plan run by young people tangled in years of confusion

Almost three years after a group of enterprising teenagers in Brooklyn came up with an idea to turn a city-owned junkyard into a youth-run community garden, the plan has yet to come to fruition. Despite initial support from nonprofits and local elected officials, the sprawling 6,800-square-foot municipal land at 45 Somers St. in Brownsville remains […]

7 essential gardening tools to take care of your plants

Is gardening one of your new favorite hobbies? Spending time with nature can certainly help in a number of ways to declutter your mind and relax you. Also, seeing all of your efforts grow into beautiful plants is undoubtedly extremely rewarding. So, if you’ve tried gardening and are looking for some useful tools to keep […]

Gardeners’ World Joe Swift’s Small Garden Design Ideas

Besides being one of the faces of the BBC institution The world of gardeners and covering annual gardening highlights including the Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival for the BBC, Joe Swift has written numerous books on horticulture, including Joe’s Urban Garden Manual, and continues to work as a gardener. Next […]

The 9 best free online landscape and garden design tools

While you can plan your garden or landscaping just using your own imagination, viewing it on paper or on design software usually gives better results. You don’t have to spend money on expensive software to plan a patio, deck, or garden – there are plenty of free tools that you can access right from your […]

Find inspiration with Bernard Trainor to enhance your garden layout

Thinking about our gardens can inspire a flood of ideas, perhaps starting with maintenance priorities, going through occasional inspirations for additional plants, and then stepping back to consider the overall garden design. In these columns, I have often encouraged a thematic approach to garden design for practical reasons: a theme provides a framework for selecting […]

Duchess of Cambridge unveils garden design at Chelsea Flower Show

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed the garden she designed for the Chelsea Flower Show in a playful image posted by Kensington Palace. The photo, taken by a palace aide last week, shows Kate happily testing a swing on the road as part of the plot meant to rekindle the magic of childhood. The garden aims […]

Choose the right gardening tools to make your job easier

Diana C. Kirby Special to American Statesman Gardening tools can make the difference between enjoyable work and backbreaking work. Yet choosing between the plethora of garden products available can seem overwhelming. What do you really need to do the job? My garden gadget collection is more like a stash. I’m trying to narrow it down […]

Chester Children’s Charity Reveals Garden Design for RHS Tatton Flower Show

Chester-based landscaping company The Cheshire Garden unveiled the design for a memorial garden for the 25th anniversary of Children Today Charitable Trust. Jane Bingham of The Cheshire Garden and Penny Hearn of Planting with Penny collaborated on the design of the garden, which is called Let’s Go Fly A Kite! The Concept Garden will be […]

Landscaped garden could increase property value by 77%

Landscaping your backyard could increase your property’s value by 77%, according to a new study from Post Office Money. Landscaping your yard could add more value to your home than a new kitchen, porch, or even an extension, according to the study. The next time you want to add value to your home, consider exterior […]

The wild and sustainable look is the trend in garden design

Whether on a huge estate or outside of a tiny home, the modern garden aims for wild landscapes, native species and harmonious transitions to a natural environment, according to a new book showcasing the work of prominent designers from contemporary gardens. In “Garden Wild: Wildflower Meadows, Prairie-Style Plantings, Rockeries, Ferneries, and Other Sustainable Designs Inspired […]

Top three garden design trends for 2019

A RECENT STUDY of the National Association of Landscape Professionals revealed that the zeitgeist of garden design has little to do with botanical culture and everything to do with compressing extra living space out of our courtyards. When the association asked 1,000 designers and entrepreneurs to predict the most influential landscape trends for 2019, three […]

Henry Homeyer: 8 tips for a good garden design from Piet Oudolf | Community-News

I was recently in my garden and noticed that my tall decorative grass looked quite run down. I have a tuft of fountain grass (Miscanthus sinensis), a variety called “Morning Light”. It’s time to cut back all the stems and flowers that have withstood, for the most part, the winter winds. Looking at it reminded […]

8 garden design tips for clients, staff

Composting is still a mystery to many homeowners. They need step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use compost bins to get them actively composted.. . PIXAVRIL, ADOBE STOCK The weather is rarely a mild event here in Texas. More like a wide swinging pendulum reaching extremes at either end of its journey. That said, there is no denying […]

The school garden plan takes shape | New

For months, Baldwin County School District officials planned to set up a school garden aimed at enriching agricultural education for students. This plan is really starting to take shape now that the Baldwin County School Board received a blueprint for the school garden during its recent retirement. A’Keti Mayweather, the school district wellness coordinator who […]

The Grande Dame of Garden Design shares her favorite things

Photo: Andy Sewell for the WSJ. Magazine Through Arabella lennox boyd February 11, 2019 9:07 a.m. ET Photo: Andy Sewell for the WSJ. Magazine “My passion for collecting trees began in 1990. To date, I have planted over 7,000 trees at Gresgarth Hall [in Lancashire, England]. The pinus lambertiana pine cone in the middle of […]

11 gardening trends for 2019 – garden design and plant ideas

Society of garden designers The New Year brings a multitude of new ideas for our gardens, from bright colors to eco-friendly planting and hanging houseplants. Here, the leading designers from the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) share their predictions for new garden design trends for 2019, including planting, materials, and design styles that we can […]

Auction lot reveals the marketing genius of premier garden design entrepreneur Humphry Repton

Tom derbyshire Dec 14 2018 This year marked the bicentennial of his death and as well as a series of events held to celebrate his genius, 2018 ends with an intriguing item offered in the December 19 book sale at the Tennants auction house in Leyburn , North Yorkshire, demonstrating its entrepreneurial spirit. Repton (1752-1818), […]

Weatherwood Design’s enduring efforts in garden design and woodworking

By Michelle Glitzer ’20, Marketing and Communications Intern Delaware Valley University faculty member Gene Huntington exposed students in his sustainability class to the importance of taking care of the environment. Rather than settling for information on topics like invasive species and biodiversity, Huntington – or, as his students call him, “Coach” – wants his students […]

How to bring kids to gardening and the best gardening tools for kids

Kids these days spend far too much time indoors staring at their screens, but if they could be tempted in the garden they would quickly realize that there is fun and excitement to be had. shovel. A recent study by Airtasker found that 29% of millennials use gardening as a hobby, but what if we […]

6 specialty gardening tools to try this spring

Berry comb This is what commercial blueberry growers use for the harvest. The rake-shaped teeth detach berries from their branches as you run them through shrubs, depositing the fruit inside the tool. This considerably reduces the labor of harvesting a large plot of blueberries. Berry combs are also suitable for picking wild blueberries, and some […]

VR Retail launches a 3D garden design application

DUBLIN – VR Retail has announced the official launch of VR Gardens. The app, founded by Bloom In The Park award-winning garden designer Gary Hanaphy, is currently available on all platforms. Speaking at the official launch of VR Gardens, CEO Gary Hanaphy said, “After two years of hard work, I am delighted to present a […]

Vectorworks helps with garden design for landscapers

Tamsin Latte When Tamsin Slatter started using Vector works about 10 or 11 years ago he was taught to believe that design software couldn’t be creative when it came to garden design Slatter, UK Customer Success Director for Vectorworks, first worked in the corporate IT world before retraining as a landscaper, where only hand drawing […]

The Latest Gardening Tools in Southwest Florida

The latest garden gadgets boast convenience and style. High-tech hoses, smart irrigation controllers, and clog-resistant rakes are now on the market. Need a wheelbarrow organizer? These also exist. At Orchard Supply Hardware in Naples, eco-friendly battery-powered power tools are a popular sale. GreenWorks offers cordless blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and more. “Everything is battery […]

Garden Design Ideas: A Sleek, Low Maintenance Brooklyn Garden

Low-maintenance and user-friendly, this 20-foot-wide backyard garden, built and planted by Brook Landscape of Crown Heights, proves that garden design doesn’t need to be complex to be successful. “You don’t need a ton of ingredients to make a great meal,” says Brook Klausing, who founded the design / build company in 2007 with Brian Green, […]

Innovations in sustainable garden design | Architectural summary

A certain amount of lawn may be aesthetically unavoidable in some projects; Williams used it in the Palm Beach Minimal Project to break sightlines, for example. “But the days of grassy lawns in California are pretty much over,” Lewis says. Selecting the right greenery alone does not make a garden sustainable. Landscaping is also important, […]

Must-Have Gardening Tools – Best New Lawn & Garden Tools 2017

When the weather warms up and it’s finally time to work outside again, be ready with new tools that will let you kill weeds with fire, keep your wheelbarrow organized, and water your lawn. like a firefighter. a machete Rotate it with one hand and clean up debris with the other. The Fiskars cleaning machete […]

Everything you need to know about garden design

Calling all garden enthusiasts: The Decorators Club 2016-17 Speaker Series is a conference you can’t miss. Now in its 15th year, the series brings together experts to discuss design-related topics, and this year’s event will focus on the design and history of gardens. Speakers include AD100 designer Bunny Williams, architect Gil Schafer and landscape designer […]

Vegetable garden design for the four seasons – Mother Earth News

1/2 Under deep mulch in the design of the winter vegetable garden, the turnips will still be sweet in February and March. SHERRIE LEE 2/2 Broccoli can be interspersed with spinach in the design of the spring vegetable garden. ILLUSTRATION: SHERRIE LEE ❯ This is how my wife Sherrie and I harvest fresh vegetables all […]

5 gardening tools the pros love

Homeowners across America are not afraid to get their hands dirty to enjoy a thriving garden. But with all the different tools available, which are the most useful? We chatted with a few pros to find out which tools are their favorites so you can get the most out of your efforts. Gardening gloves A […]

How to sharpen and maintain garden tools (video) – Mother Earth News

What would we be without our trusty gardening tools? With a little tenderness, there’s no reason they shouldn’t last for many years. You can easily maintain your garden tools to keep them looking like new. Keep the following tips in mind. Photo Fotolia/Pixavril. Remove mud from your digging tools with a water spray or scrub […]

Garden Design by Arne Maynard in a new book

Anyone who has spent time with British landscape artist Arne Maynard knows he likes to dream big. A new book, Arne Maynard’s Gardens (Merrell, $67), demonstrates this fact through a bevy of lavish photographs of large-scale designs Maynard created in Europe and America. But the volume also shows how Maynard thinks small. An admired luminary […]

13 best gardening tools | The independent

Whether you are new to gardening or just want to update the contents of your tool store, it can be difficult to decide what tools you will really need to help Mother Nature stay on the right path. There are tons of businesses out there, with tools to suit all budgets, so how do you […]

Sunset Updates Her Garden Design Tips in “Book of Western Garden Landscaping”

There are some gardening tips that can be followed no matter where you live. But much of gardening and landscaping revolves around the specifics of the location – weather, terrain, soil type, and design preferences. This is where the redesigned and updated “Sunset Western Garden Book of Landscaping”, edited by Kathleen Norris Brenzel of Sunset […]

Quality gardening tools for a wiser life – Mother Earth News

As we all know, there is a lot of unnecessary – or necessary but poorly made – lawn and garden equipment on the market. To help you sift through the hype and identify products that meet high standards of functionality and durability, here are two more additions to our series of quality garden tools for […]

Quality gardening tools for a wiser life – Mother Earth News

1/2 Ideally, gardening tools would never damage what you want to keep. The wide forks allow you to loosen the soil without damaging it. PHOTO: SEAN ROSNER 2/2 Count on this tool to make life a little easier. FLORIAN TOOLS ❯ As we all know, there are a lot of unnecessary – or necessary, but […]