Vectorworks helps with garden design for landscapers

Tamsin Latte When Tamsin Slatter started using Vector works about 10 or 11 years ago he was taught to believe that design software couldn’t be creative when it came to garden design Slatter, UK Customer Success Director for Vectorworks, first worked in the corporate IT world before retraining as a landscaper, where only hand drawing […]

The Latest Gardening Tools in Southwest Florida

The latest garden gadgets boast convenience and style. High-tech hoses, smart irrigation controllers, and clog-resistant rakes are now on the market. Need a wheelbarrow organizer? These also exist. At Orchard Supply Hardware in Naples, eco-friendly battery-powered power tools are a popular sale. GreenWorks offers cordless blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and more. “Everything is battery […]

Garden Design Ideas: A Sleek, Low Maintenance Brooklyn Garden

Low-maintenance and user-friendly, this 20-foot-wide backyard garden, built and planted by Brook Landscape of Crown Heights, proves that garden design doesn’t need to be complex to be successful. “You don’t need a ton of ingredients to make a great meal,” says Brook Klausing, who founded the design / build company in 2007 with Brian Green, […]

Innovations in sustainable garden design | Architectural summary

A certain amount of lawn may be aesthetically unavoidable in some projects; Williams used it in the Palm Beach Minimal Project to break sightlines, for example. “But the days of grassy lawns in California are pretty much over,” Lewis says. Selecting the right greenery alone does not make a garden sustainable. Landscaping is also important, […]

Must-Have Gardening Tools – Best New Lawn & Garden Tools 2017

When the weather warms up and it’s finally time to work outside again, be ready with new tools that will let you kill weeds with fire, keep your wheelbarrow organized, and water your lawn. like a firefighter. a machete Rotate it with one hand and clean up debris with the other. The Fiskars cleaning machete […]

Everything you need to know about garden design

Calling all garden enthusiasts: The Decorators Club 2016-17 Speaker Series is a conference you can’t miss. Now in its 15th year, the series brings together experts to discuss design-related topics, and this year’s event will focus on the design and history of gardens. Speakers include AD100 designer Bunny Williams, architect Gil Schafer and landscape designer […]

Vegetable garden design for the four seasons – Mother Earth News

1/2 Under deep mulch in the design of the winter vegetable garden, the turnips will still be sweet in February and March. SHERRIE LEE 2/2 Broccoli can be interspersed with spinach in the design of the spring vegetable garden. ILLUSTRATION: SHERRIE LEE ❯ This is how my wife Sherrie and I harvest fresh vegetables all […]

5 gardening tools the pros love

Homeowners across America are not afraid to get their hands dirty to enjoy a thriving garden. But with all the different tools available, which are the most useful? We chatted with a few pros to find out which tools are their favorites so you can get the most out of your efforts. Gardening gloves A […]

How to sharpen and maintain garden tools (video) – Mother Earth News

What would we be without our trusty gardening tools? With a little tenderness, there’s no reason they shouldn’t last for many years. You can easily maintain your garden tools to keep them looking like new. Keep the following tips in mind. Photo Fotolia/Pixavril. Remove mud from your digging tools with a water spray or scrub […]

Garden Design by Arne Maynard in a new book

Anyone who has spent time with British landscape artist Arne Maynard knows he likes to dream big. A new book, Arne Maynard’s Gardens (Merrell, $67), demonstrates this fact through a bevy of lavish photographs of large-scale designs Maynard created in Europe and America. But the volume also shows how Maynard thinks small. An admired luminary […]

13 best gardening tools | The independent

Whether you are new to gardening or just want to update the contents of your tool store, it can be difficult to decide what tools you will really need to help Mother Nature stay on the right path. There are tons of businesses out there, with tools to suit all budgets, so how do you […]

Sunset Updates Her Garden Design Tips in “Book of Western Garden Landscaping”

There are some gardening tips that can be followed no matter where you live. But much of gardening and landscaping revolves around the specifics of the location – weather, terrain, soil type, and design preferences. This is where the redesigned and updated “Sunset Western Garden Book of Landscaping”, edited by Kathleen Norris Brenzel of Sunset […]

Quality gardening tools for a wiser life – Mother Earth News

As we all know, there is a lot of unnecessary – or necessary but poorly made – lawn and garden equipment on the market. To help you sift through the hype and identify products that meet high standards of functionality and durability, here are two more additions to our series of quality garden tools for […]

Quality gardening tools for a wiser life – Mother Earth News

1/2 Ideally, gardening tools would never damage what you want to keep. The wide forks allow you to loosen the soil without damaging it. PHOTO: SEAN ROSNER 2/2 Count on this tool to make life a little easier. FLORIAN TOOLS ❯ As we all know, there are a lot of unnecessary – or necessary, but […]