Parks Commission approves botanical garden plan and new dashboards

The City of Jefferson Parks and Recreation Commission approved the master plan for the Ellis-Porter Riverside Botanical Garden on Tuesday.

Department of Parks Director Todd Spalding presented the final master plan to the commission in December.

The large-scale, multi-million dollar project is featured in a 156-page plan created by Arbolope Studio, a St. Louis-based landscape architecture, urban design and public art firm, in collaboration with The Architects Alliance.

The botanical garden concept was developed through a partnership between the Jefferson City Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department and the Central Missouri Master Gardeners.

Spalding said the master gardeners are also presenting the plan to their board of directors for approval.

The approval of the master plan does not advance any action or commit money to the project, the total cost of which is estimated to be around $ 8.9 million over several phases.

Spalding said approval of the plan gives parks staff a direction to move forward.

“If I have a clear directive from you approving this plan for the future, I can really get into the details of our next steps and how we can fund some of these things, especially the first phase.” , Spalding said.

The first phase of the project includes the renovation of the existing caretaker’s house and the creation of gardens in this area. Eventually, the plan extends gardens and other features throughout Ellis-Porter Riverside Park.

In the remaining cases, the commission accepted an offer to purchase and install seven new bulletin boards on the baseball and softball fields in the city park.

The $ 42,023 offer from Greenville, Illinois-based Nevco Sports includes two new scoreboards for the Kutscher and Evening Optimist fields at the Optimist Sports Complex and five scoreboards at the Binder Sports Complex for Kremer, Williams, Wisch, Scott and Byrd lands.

Nevco Sports was the second lowest bidder on the project, with Classic Sign Services based in St. Peters, Missouri, with a lower bid of $ 38,931. However, Deputy Parks Manager JJ Gates said they chose Nevco Sports because of the product they are offering.

Nevco Sports boards are also used in the 63 Diamonds resort which JC Parks purchased in January 2020.

The funds will come from the ministry’s capital improvement program, which has a budget for fiscal year 2021 of $ 250,000.

Gates said the cards will be operated by handheld controllers.

Deputy Parks Director Aaron Grefrath said scoreboards will be available for tournaments and other events at the facilities.

“We will actively try to promote them and use them as much as possible,” said Grefrath.

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