Richard Branson Edinburgh Virgin Hotel roof garden plan

A planning application has been filed for a ‘rooftop garden sanctuary’ at the Virgin Hotel of India Buildings on Victoria Street and Cowgate.

It is proposed that this be located on level seven in Cowgate.

A supporting document for the request read: “The development of a rooftop garden is to provide hotel guests, event attendees, restaurant patrons and local residents with a relaxing outdoor space, capturing views. fantastic views from the rooftop of Edinburgh Old Town to Edinburgh Castle and beyond.

Work already approved is underway on the hotel, separate from the new application. Photo: BSB Structural Ltd

“The proposals do not include any structural changes to the existing approved design and do not require any new construction other than the provision of a railing to delimit the accessible roof space, but rather seek to add a space for relaxing coziness and accessible in the city center, offering an opportunity of softness and greenery associated with an exceptional view of the old town. ”

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He continued, “In addition, the proposed railing will be set back from the edge of the roof as shown in the drawings and images in the app, preventing neighboring residential properties from being overlooked. Comfortable outdoor seating and lush plantations will also provide guests with a peaceful sanctuary in the center of the Old Town after a busy day exploring Edinburgh.

Sir Richard Branson will open Virgin hotels in Edinburgh and Glasgow next year.

Main image courtesy of BSB Structural Ltd. The project team includes Thomas Johnstone Ltd, ICA, Will Rudd, Rybka and Thomas & Adamson.

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