Sunset Updates Her Garden Design Tips in “Book of Western Garden Landscaping”

There are some gardening tips that can be followed no matter where you live. But much of gardening and landscaping revolves around the specifics of the location – weather, terrain, soil type, and design preferences.

This is where the redesigned and updated “Sunset Western Garden Book of Landscaping”, edited by Kathleen Norris Brenzel of Sunset Magazine (Oxmoor House, $ 29.95, print), has an edge over a more general guide.

A section on plants, for example, includes chapters on palms, ornamental grasses, tropical plants, succulents, cacti, and natives. This is not the kind of vegetation that you are likely to find in Connecticut or upstate New York. And many of the outdoor living spaces pictured in the book appear to be designed for year-round use.

The new volume – a companion to “The New Sunset Western Garden Book” (sometimes called the “gardening bible” for the western United States) – gives a good overview of the elements to consider when creating a residential landscape. This edition focuses on eco-friendly design.

The sections on structures, plants, finishes and planning are profusely illustrated with 600 color photographs of Western gardens that offer ideas and inspiration. Short chapters with expanded captions briefly tell the story of each garden and include types of plants and landscaping details.

A planning section describes the basics of site assessment, goal setting and design principles. Also included are chapters on managing fire and wind, capturing rainwater, and using vegetation to cool a garden and provide privacy.

Landscaping for pets and wildlife is also discussed. To prevent dogs from digging under a fence, the book suggests adding a landscaped “river” of stones along the base. And if you want to attract butterflies, plan a shallow water container with pebbles that they can perch on while drinking.


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