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A lush and well-endowed garden at home is a matter of pride for many apartment-goers and dwellers. A healthy green patch with plants, vegetables, and herbs is a direct reflection of the work you did to prepare and prune it. Some maintenance knowledge is also required, as some plants need regular care while a few can die if overwatered. To create an indoor or outdoor garden from scratch, stocking up on essential gardening tools is a must. These tools will facilitate the process of shoveling, digging, weeding, etc. and will also make it much more enjoyable. Alternatively, if you already have a flower garden and are looking to upgrade a few tools, our recommendations can help you fine-tune them. Check them out below:

This set includes a weed burner, cultivator, large trowel, small trowel, garden fork, cutter and hand gloves. This set is a great starter kit, so beginners may want to consider this for their budding green patch. All of the tools in this set are constructed with soft touch handles that provide a comfortable grip and help reduce fatigue or pain. All tools also feature hanging holes so they can be stored vertically.

This all-in-one garden tool set is not only sturdy but also extremely light.

This set of 3 would be perfect for people who are trying their green thumb with houseplants. Complete with a weed burner, cultivator, and garden fork, this is a handy and compact tool set that will come in handy for people with potted plants or planters.

The color blocking detail makes these tools very attractive and perfect to display in a storage box.


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This tool set consists of a weed killer, cultivator, large trowel, small trowel and garden fork. All the blades and metal parts of these tools are powder coated to resist rust and last a long time. The colorful handles are an attractive feature that makes this set ideal for gifting.

These compact sized tools fit easily into your mini garden bag or apron. Find it here.

For those looking for a budget option, this tool set would be a perfect choice. Complete with all the essentials, the set contains a single piece of small trowel, large trowel, cultivator, weed killer and fork with scissors and gloves.

These functional tools are perfect for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening, aeration, transplanting and more.

With sturdy metal construction and smooth finished wood handles, this set is the perfect choice for all your gardening needs. Lightweight and easy to use, these tools are made from an aluminum alloy which makes them durable, strong and rust resistant. The trowel features depth measurements for quick reference and ease of digging and transplanting.

The comfortable grip of the tools works great for everyone, including children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Complete with a sprayer and sprinkler, this set of fourteen gardening tools is a complete set that keen gardeners can invest in. The 14 tools in the set include a 1.8 liter water container with sprayer, cutter, pruning shears, gloves, large trowel, small trowel, cultivator, fork, weed burner, 2 different sized picks, water sprayer 5-way, a 4-way water sprinkler and a 5 liter water container.

This set would be ideal for all kinds of planting, ranging from flowering plants to climbing and climbing plants. Check it out.

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