The best gardening tools for beginners, chosen by experts

?? Window sill trays

The first seeds to germinate are always the strongest plants. My kitchen edges are the hottest, but I hate a massive agglomeration of trays and pans with soggy bottoms and saucers. So I had a local blacksmith custom make shallow galvanized iron trays, barely an inch deep, to fit my window sills exactly. They are fabulous, indispensable and always full of young plants.

?? Bottomless pots

Pots without a base are a revolution. Plants do not need to be watered or fed after the roots have grown into the soil; they remain healthy and cannot be pinched. I have them in metal, wood, stone, fiberglass and lead. They are especially brilliant at raising eye level to deflect ugly buildings.

?? Suitable gardening pants

The My Genus pants with padded knees, protected pockets, lined and waterproof, make wet winter / spring / fall / summer gardening so much more enjoyable. I hadn’t realized the huge benefit of hot, dry legs!

I wear them over leggings and take the pants off on the outside to avoid bringing mud into the house.

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