The most stylish gardening tools that inspire a green thumb

When you spend most of your cramped time in a city apartment, there is hardly any room or time for gardening. At best, you’ll likely have one or two potted ferns or indoor succulents in your space. Once upon a time there was a corner of the apartment devoted to a few snake plants in an attempt to exploit a green thumb. The unfortunate beauties lasted just under a month before the leaves turned yellow brown.

Locking down a weekend house in the mountains wasn’t just a reset. It was also an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers. It was quite literal in my case as I spent endless days marveling at the vibrant colors of dahlias, bougainvillea, roses, blue hibiscus against a lush green. Fragrant aromas inhaled by the morning breeze of clusters of white flowers on a bonsai tree kamagong tree. A vivid purple hue of Morning Glory blossoms filled the balcony railing and framed a panoramic view of the lake and its famous volcano.

A lush garden in full bloom is achieved only through dedicated watering of plants, constant planting of flower beds, weeding and cutting. Whether you are looking to build a garden or get into the greenery, tools are an investment that goes a long way. After all, a bright green or orange pipe, rusty metal items, old wall brackets will hardly inspire a day of gardening. When I first volunteered to water the plants while in quarantine in the mountains, carrying a used watering can around the garden or lugging around an unattractive hose wasn’t the most appealing.

Garden Glory is perhaps the fanciest and most luxurious luxury garden appliance brand in the world today. If you are a design enthusiast who believes that style should permeate every detail of a home, then this is a brand to consider. Launched in June 2019, founder Linda Brattlof thought of creating a label that “would exist at the intersection of fashion, art, home and garden decoration”. The label was looking to solve a problem: the lack of gardening tools, accessories and appliances that reflect the inclinations of a stylish owner.

Linda recalls: “The idea came to me when we moved into our very first house on the Swedish West Coast… it had a lovely patio and a beautiful garden. A wonderful environment where we could see ourselves surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. But then I spotted it – that drab green garden hose with its orange connectors and rusty wall bracket screaming, “Ugly!

The new owner set out to find a pipe that would better suit her home. Wherever she went, the options were limited. She recalls, “It was the same sad story: green, green, green and orange, and giant ugly wall brackets. It was then that Linda realized she had to fill the void when it came to luxurious and stylish garden appliances and tools. She then introduced Garden Glory to the market by showcasing pipes and brackets in a range of stunning hues. Over time, more whimsical pieces like watering pots, shovels, bird feeders, and plant pots were added to the product mix.

The products created by Garden Glory are design expressions translated into tools and accessories so that homeowners no longer need to hide them in warehouses or garages. With the designs of Garden Glory, the hoses and other fixtures could be part of the garden experience or the “icing on the cake,” as Linda calls it.

Fashion and design play an essential role in the development of the brand’s products. From striking colors to high-gloss finishes, items at Garden Glory celebrate all that is extraordinary. Linda says, “Why settle for the ordinary? Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

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