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Did you know that plants such as flowers can reduce stress, anxiety and improve your mood? Besides improving the mood, having flowers can also improve your productivity. Read on for exclusive tips on which spring flowers to add to your spring garden.

Besides their beauty, flowers can also be therapeutic and edible! Did you know you can add flowers to your pies and make them even better? Get the most out of your spring garden when you choose our recommended spring flowers to plant.

North Carolina has the perfect climate for planting flowers. Are you planning to create your own beautiful spring garden? Read more and find out which buds to start planting this season.


Are you also trying to save the bees? Crocuses have those beautiful purple flowers that are a feast for the eyes of humans and bees alike! Plan ahead by planting these bulbs in the fall for an early spring bloom. Their flowers produce a lot of pollen and nectar very early.

Crocus flowers come in several varieties, but the violet attracts most bees. If you are looking for the perfect flowers for your spring garden and want to help the bees, this is the flower for you.

Bees help pollinate not only plants but also vegetables. Bees are attracted to the colors of flowers. Get more pollination for both when you plant white, yellow, blue or purple flowers!


What’s a spring garden without daffodils? Daffodils are synonymous with spring at this stage and are a spring garden staple. Daffodils are available in bright yellow, orange and white, all perfect for spring!

Daffodils at Dix Park

Daffodils can grow in full sun or partial shade, so you can put them wherever you want. You should always make sure you have well-drained soil for daffodils or they will rot. They bloom for about six to ten days in temperate climates, but can last up to six months in warmer locations.


Have you been late starting your spring garden? Now that spring is approaching, you may be scrambling to choose spring flowers. This spring annual is perfect to plant if you need something that will bloom in the spring and all year round.

A perfect spring annual is Marigolds. Marigolds are often cut and presented as displays at occasions such as weddings. Marigolds are perfect for North Carolina gardening conditions and bloom in all seasons. As they are in full bloom all season, they are productive plants that germinate and grow quickly.

If you're impatient, try planting marigolds now.  They flower quickly, so you'll see your hard work pay off quickly!

Insider Tip: Looking for a flower to add to your next bake? Try French marigolds! French marigold flowers are edible and make a beautiful addition to any cake or pastry.

Siberian iris

Is your favorite color purple? Well, you’re in luck.

The Siberian iris has a perfect classic purple color that will make you feel like spring. J

The Siberian iris blooms for a few weeks in late spring and early summer. This flower is perfect for those looking for low maintenance spring flowers. They are also useful when it comes to resisting deer and rabbits.

If you have a vegetable garden attacked by rabbits, consider adding Siberian Iris. Siberian irises are perfect when paired with oriental poppies. If you want your spring garden to have spring colors. then this combination of flowers is perfect for you.

dutch panties

If you want your spring garden to stand out, consider planting Dutch breeches. Dutch flowers have white flowers with yellow tips. Dutchman panties have unique flowers that you are sure to get compliments on.

Get looks from its leafless stem with flowers that bloom like porcelain earrings. They thrive in partial shade and grow fastest in humus-rich, fertilized soils. Dutch breeches grow 6 to 12 inches tall and spread in width.

Although not easy to grow, Dutchman Breeches are native to North Carolina.


Begonias are a classic. Although they are often considered houseplants, begonias can make a great addition to your garden. Begonias love sunlight, so be sure to place them somewhere with direct sunlight.

My begonias

Begonias have a whopping 1,000 known varieties. From pink to yellow, there is no shortage of spring colors with begonias. So if you need a specific color to complement your spring garden, this is the flower for you.


Looking for the perfect spring annual? Then Snapdragons are the spring flowers you are looking for. Plant your snapdragons in rich, moist soil to get a nice bloom.

Snapdragons need well-drained soil and should be in full sun. Most gardeners plant snapdragons several weeks before the last winter frost indoors. This gives the Snapdragons enough time to germinate.

These flowers are a cut above the rest as they are cold and frost hardy. This plant can produce orange, purple and yellow flowers for your spring garden. If you want your spring garden to be a spectacle, consider planting Snapdragons.

Wild Indigo White

Looking for something native? The White Wild Indigo belongs to the North Carolina perennials. Don’t underestimate this perennial, as it lasts longer than others. This perennial lasts all spring and summer!

These look wonderful in cottage gardens and are a perfect addition to your spring garden. White Wild Indigo flowers have a white color that will add elegance to your garden. These flowers grow up to 48″ tall and can be a perfect hedge for added privacy in the garden.

These flowers are not susceptible to pests or disease and are also deer resistant. Once in bloom, you can pick these flowers as they are perfect for flower arrangements.


Happy Hour? These flowers don’t just go in your spring garden, but also in your drink! Borage are vibrant flowers found in salads and drinks.

Borage is a staple in Primm’s cup and is a natural match for cucumbers. They can help brighten up your spring garden and your salad! No need to buy $100 craft drinks when you can add this flower to any drink at home.

Borage seed oil also helps with skin disorders like eczema and scalp rashes. Start planting your borage seeds about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep with each sapling 12 inches apart. Borage grows best in sunny conditions, so make sure you have a sunny spot for them.

Since borages have large, vibrant flowers, they are perfect for attracting bees. This makes it perfect near a vegetable patch, as it helps get more insects to pollinate crops. If you want a beautiful garden and help the environment, start planting borage.


Daisies symbolize true love and childhood innocence. If you have a baby on the way, why not commemorate it by planting daisies. These flowers are not only perfect for spring, but also as a bouquet for a childhood friend.

You get the best blooms when you plant your daisies in full sun. Daisies prefer moist, well-drained soil. Daisies bloom during summer and spring and are perfect flowers for both seasons.


Looking to cover your spring garden with flowers? Azaleas are your best bet! Azaleas are free-flowering flowers that make perfect shrubs. If you are looking for more privacy in your garden, consider using azalea shrubs.


Freesia is also known as the flower of friendship. All Freesia flowers need well-drained soil and a shady location. Transfer to a sunny location about 3-4 weeks after sprouts appear.

These gorgeous flowers are perfect because you can place them in pots. If you are a person who likes to host dinner parties in their garden, this flower is perfect. Having potted plants makes it easier to move and use for staging.

Fill your spring garden with new flowers today

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