This concrete restaurant merges brutalist architecture with vertical garden design for an inviting green ambiance!

Upon entering the Playground Restaurant at Loop Design Studio, patrons will feel transported to a whimsical greenhouse somewhere in the middle of their concrete city.

When a new restaurant opens, it has the potential to change the whole vibe of your neighborhood. Restaurants need to make sense of the neighborhood they are entering and bring something new to it. The new Playground Restaurant in the mall in Chandigarh, India tries to do just that by incorporating familiar brutalist and modernist interior design elements and mixing them with flowering plant life to give the recognizable concrete a playful feel. and green energy.

A cinder block wall forms an irregular building pattern and merges a concrete look with a vertical garden of potted plants. Above, a translucent glass ceiling diffuses a soft light and the surrounding walls, traced with concrete planters and greenery, ventilate the open-air space of the restaurant. While the marks of the city’s Modernist origins appear throughout the restaurant, they are juxtaposed with key biophilic design elements.

The industrial ceiling is softened with vintage pendant lights and the surrounding greenery. Even the walls, made of protruding concrete blocks, are teeming with vines and plants. Cinder blocks assemble an irregular pattern, stacked on top of each other in various directions. Loop Design Studio filled the exposed cores of the blocks with vintage glass Edison bulbs that emanate warm, golden light and the blocks protruding from the wall with potted plants.

The wall between the concrete block walls of the Playground Restuarant is lined with audio cassettes. A wood-fired oven sets the stage for the raised, more comfortable corner of the restaurant which features terracotta flooring with polished cobalt blue tiles.

Rustic, mismatched wooden tables fill the interior of the playground, enhancing its cozy appeal. Flanking both sides of a wall lined with audio cassettes, the cinder block walls create a sort of shelving system that Loop Design Studio has filled with warm light fixtures and many different potted plants, like dracaena and leafy vines. persistent.

The restaurant lounge features palmate wood paneling and brass accents to evoke a darker and more romantic vibe. Drawing on the brutal cityscape of Chandigarh while embracing the natural playfulness of biophilic design, Loop Design Studio has created a restaurant that feels familiar and sheds new light on the city’s ingrained, concrete personality.

Designer: Loop Design Studio

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