Vectorworks helps with garden design for landscapers

Tamsin Latte

When Tamsin Slatter started using Vector works about 10 or 11 years ago he was taught to believe that design software couldn’t be creative when it came to garden design

Slatter, UK Customer Success Director for Vectorworks, first worked in the corporate IT world before retraining as a landscaper, where only hand drawing was taught. After starting her own practice, she came across Vectorworks and fell in love with the product.

“I love the idea of ​​being able to create in 2D and 3D at the same time and all the boring parts, all the numbers that would give me,” Slatter said. “The reason I went there all those years ago was the ability to easily create planting plans and I could generate a report showing how many plants I had used.”

As Slatter continued to develop her skills in Vectorworks, the company approached her to create the Vectorworks Landmark Getting Started Guide. She is also now a Vectorworks trainer for the London College of Garden Design and provides e-learning online course material for the Oxford College of Garden Design and other design schools.

Slatter regularly writes tutorials for the Vectorworks Service Select subscription service and recently his company, Design Software Solutions, was acquired by Vectorworks to serve as his UK office.

“With over a decade of experience helping users get the most out of their investment in Vectorworks software, Design Software Solutions has contributed significantly to the growth of the UK market while providing valuable support and hardware support. training,” said Biplab Sarkar, CEO of Vector Works. “Tasmin and Adrian Slatter and their dedicated team have the right mix of experience and passion for our products to help us provide top quality support to our existing community of designers and stockists in the UK, whilst expanding our user base even faster than we have to date.

Vectorworks has helped Slatter structure her design process and enabled her to manage more than one project at a time compared to hand drawing, an issue she often hears from clients in the UK.

“A woman could tackle about six projects at a time,” Slatter said. “Her company could only be her. She couldn’t grow. She took Vectorworks and I trained her and within a year they had 29 projects and opened another office.

Slatter says she recommends Vectorworks to landscapers because the software is powerful, yet easy to use once you understand how the tools work.

“It’s also the ability to reuse resources,” she says. “You can reproduce things; you don’t have to repeat yourself. I like the style of the designs which looks really good and it is possible to have your own style in the software.

Some of the tasks that Slatter points out as being easier in Vectorworks are counting things because the software is able to keep track of what has been used and designers can collaborate with others regardless of their file types.

Slatter encourages those new to Vectorworks to play with it.

“We have a tremendous amount of training content,” she said. “Use available resources; go out and connect with other users. Besides formal training, there is so much available.

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