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WhatShed is a UK landscape and garden consultancy firm that recently caused a stir on social media by posting to Your website Showcasing incredible, expert-led action in Minecraft, a popular creative video game developed by Mojang Studios that has sold over 200 million copies since launch, to advise customers so they can easily design their own. gardens.

As you can read, they are looking for Virtual parks What or what Provide professional advice to players looking to improve their outdoor space in the game..

Requirements include prior knowledge of the game, communication skills, creativity and a passion for the game. GardensIt is also recommended that you have prior experience in outdoor gardening. This is a remote job, so there is no need to reside in UK To serve.

More information: He applies for a job, but eventually they ask him for some unusual information that surprised him

Will have to be on staff “Evaluate the customer’s current setup, provide creative feedback, come up with suggested setups within budget, and create different designs for each customer. “.

They also detail that “Selected advisers will be paid over £ 50 (approximately US $ 70) per hour for their services when they are hired, but they will be able to set their own rates and be flexible.”. On the other hand, it is not known whether the job offer can be extended or temporary.

in addition to, What is a hangar Advertise your search for people interested in Visualize your Minecraft gardens via its platform. Everything points to the rise of teleworking and the changes brought about by the pandemic, which seem to have prompted the company to explore new avenues.

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