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If you are a budding garden designer, it is important to plan ahead before embarking on any big plans. If you’re tempted by the gorgeous shrubs and flowers, or even outdoor furniture, on offer at garden centers and online gardening stores, it’s worth thinking about what you really want to do with your garden before you do. impulse purchases.

Whether you’re creating a wildlife habitat, planning a color-themed border, looking for a scent, or you’ve been inspired by something you’ve seen on TV or on Pinterest, you need to think about how much space you have available, in the light of your garden. gets, the floor you have and the type of landscaping you need to plan to make it practical and beautiful.

For those of you looking to get started on a big project, there are plenty of free garden design software available online, so try one of these tools to get started.

My garden

My Garden by Gardena allows you to place a wide variety of objects on a virgin lawn to design your garden.

The graphics are basic but the menu is simplicity itself. The six categories – including landscape, flowers and vegetables, and aquatic elements – include more than 150 objects. You can show / hide the elements you placed and save your design. To start your garden, select your area (grass, patio, patio, etc.) and draw your shapes on the “graph paper” background, you will see measurements on each side indicating the size of the space. If you’re used to Photoshop, you should find this a snap. Then select one of the predefined items such as trees, flowers, buildings, and ponds, and adjust their sizes to fit your scale.

ADVANTAGES: User-friendly and effortless interface; wide variety of features; provides models; not limited in time.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Rather basic graphics; unable to upload photo, limited range of plants.

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Marshalls Garden Viewer

More sophisticated than many competitors, the Marshalls Garden Visualiser is a 3D garden design tool that lets you see your design from different angles – and you can even upload photos of your own home to see what it looks like. with the garden.

Once registered, you will be asked for a garden name and its dimensions. After defining the dimensions of your garden, you choose from ranges of objects such as walls, hedges and fences. This tool is more about “landscaping” than plants, but a limited range can be added to your design. Hard landscaping is highly detailed, with paving, edging, and edging options available in a variety of colors and finishes, making it a great tool for any large landscaping job you might be building a brand new patio or staircase, but could also be a bit overwhelming. Marshalls also offers a tiling viewer and a driveway viewer.

You will need Adobe Shockwave installed on your computer to use the viewer.

ADVANTAGES: Excellent 3D viewer; can upload their own photo; useful videos.

THE INCONVENIENTS: More complex than some tools; limited range of plants.

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My gardener

Shoot’s My Garden Planner offers a free time-limited trial – only 48 hours after registration – to create a garden design. You are then prompted to pay a membership fee for using the product, with access to unlimited designs. If you’d rather not pay, book a free weekend and take advantage of the free trial period.

Essentially, My Garden Planner is a custom design tool for gardeners, professionals and hobbyists alike, and you can upload a photo of your own garden and choose items from 14 categories from a drop-down menu. These range from vegetables to swimming pools and ponds. Plants are often generic, rather than an actual species.

One of the advantages of My Garden Planner is the directory of 10,000 plants, a much larger assortment than many others. For those who wish to pay for the product beyond its promotion period, then you can get monthly tasks tailored to your garden’s needs.

Using the Garden Planner in the browser requires Flash, but you can also download it.

ADVANTAGES: User-friendly interface; can upload their own photo.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Very limited free trial; sometimes basic graphics.

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SketchUp, Google’s 3D design software must be installed on your computer. Not just for garden design, it does include landscape models nonetheless. A basic version is available for free, and there is a tiered pricing system for anyone who wants to create more complicated designs or use it for business.

Rather more comprehensive than some online tools, SketchUp lets you upload a photo, as well as create objects from scratch. How useful you find may depend on your creativity and willingness to learn this generic design program for beginners.

ADVANTAGES: Can upload your own photo; lots of features.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Work maybe harder and more complex than some garden design tools.

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